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Do You Worry If the Air in Your Home Or Office is Pure and Clean?

Do You Worry If the Air in Your Home Or Office is Pure and Clean?

Many people who work every day find themselves falling down and miserable. It’s probably not the work you are doing, but rather the air you are breathing. Research has shown us that indoor air is 100 time more polluted then what is outside.

Different aspects of life come into the office. We can say the same for your home. Kids from school, dad and mom from work and the grocery store. All of these viruses are around you. Your body does a really great job, but some help sure won’t hurt. With the influenza outbreak that is accruing all around us! There has been research on this area for many years. Both on the states and federal government level.

Ultraviolet light has shown us to be one of the very best answers for our homes and offices. Not to worry, this is safe to have around you and your family. The best are installed in your air system. The ultraviolet lamp is inside your furnace air duct. There are also those that roll room to room. And in offices they mount them in the corner of the waiting room. There are so many more, hospitals, clinics, photo and glue curing are just a few uses for uv light.

As much as anything we need quality air to breath. Molds, bacteria, all out there waiting. Airborne infections are on the rise. The cost of doctor visits and medication are out of site for the everyday person. Office managers can have these installed in less than 20 minutes. It seems we really need our employees when they are home sick. It is shown by changing air filter and controlling the quality of air ultraviolet light will reduce man hour down time.

For your home it would be the same. We will spend 80% of our time at home. Air quality is just as important if not more with your family. You have an advantage because you can install a uv lamp yourself. Most everyone has the basic hand tools required, “drill and bits, and a screw driver.” Plug it in.