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Using Diuretics As A High Blood Pressure Medication

Using Diuretics As A High Blood Pressure Medication

High blood pressure medications fall into various categories. And, each category is designed to tackle a specific symptom of hypertension.

One of the more popular categories of hypertension medications is diuretics. Some people refer to diuretics as water pills. This is because when you take them, they help the body to rid itself of the excess water, along with salt, in the body. It is the getting rid of the salt that helps to lower the blood pressure.

There are various types of diuretics. One of the problems of diuretics is that, although they are very successful in eliminating excess salt from the body, many will also eliminate potassium. And, potassium is very successful in helping the body to manage the blood pressure. When you lose potassium, your blood pressure levels generally go up. Fortunately, there are some diuretics that will not force the body to excrete potassium. If you have a choice, it’s often better to use this type.

Even though they can be effective, diuretics are not for everyone. In some patients, they will trigger dizziness or disorientation. A more serious side effect can be arrhythmia. So, if this is the first time you are taking a diuretic, you need to monitor your symptoms carefully and notify your doctor of any troubling reactions.

Another common symptom is muscle cramps. This is primarily due to the loss of potassium through frequent urination. Normally, this can be resolved by either switching to a medication that does not drain potassium from your body, or by simply increasing the number of high potassium foods in your diet.

A percentage of people are actually allergic to most diuretics. This is because many of them are sulfa based and a large percentage of the population has sulfa allergies.

The trickiest thing about diuretic based hypertension drugs is getting the dose right. Your doctor will probably start you on a lower dosage and adjust it based on feedback from blood pressure tests. In addition, except in mild hypertension cases, diuretics will often be combined with other types of medications.

Since this type of medication relies on removing salt from the body, you can often hasten its effectiveness by simply limiting the salt in your diet.

Medications used to control high blood pressure are highly individualized. And, not all medications work for all patients. Because of this, you should never stop taking your medication or change it on your own. Always talk any changes over with your doctor first.…

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Bird Flu: Chicken Owners Worst Enemy

Bird Flu: Chicken Owners Worst Enemy

Every chicken owner knows that bird flu, also known as avian influenza is an incredible deadly disease for your pets if it is not prevented and watched for. It is the number one killer of chickens in Asia and other parts of the world. Bird flu was first found in chickens in China and quickly became a very widespread disease, which killed millions of chickens, destroyed many businesses and dropped the chicken industry to an incredibly low level.

The worst part about the avian flu is that it also can effect humans, which makes it a very dangerous disease. This disease can be passed from chickens to chickens, chickens to humans and humans to chickens, that makes it very contagious and is the reason the health sectors take this disease very seriously. Avian flu is not just a bad cold, it can kill an entire group of chickens within a week and if it is passed to a human it can spread quickly to hundreds because they very likely will not realize they have contracted it.

The amount of time between exposure to the disease and when it presents symptoms is generally between three and five days. Up until the disease because noticeable, the person will likely just be showing signs of a common cold; a fever, cough, sore muscles and a sore throat. Sometimes the only way to tell that you actually have the bird flu is if you have conjunctivitis. If someone has seen these symptoms and ignored it, thinking it was the common cold, it will likely lead to the more intense symptoms. They will start experiencing viral pneumonia and difficulty breathing known as respiratory distress. These are the most common causes of deaths.

This deadly disease can be prevented by taking certain precautions and if everyone involved with handling chickens follows the health and safety guidelines given to them by the health authorities. The World Health Organization takes this disease very seriously and when outbreaks occur they will trace the infection and places anyone in proximity of the disease under quarantine. After an area is quarantined nobody will be allowed in or out of this area until the sick have been given treatments. There are two antiviral medications that if taken in 48 hours or less after seeing symptoms, can reduce the severity of the disease. One of these medications can also be taken by people who have been in contact with someone who has the disease to prevent it from spreading to them. Anyone with severe symptoms should be put on a breathing machine.

Some ways to protect yourself from the bird flu is to avoid markets with live birds if you are traveling. If you are handling birds you should wear protective clothing and breathing masks if you feel the birds may be infected. Definitely avoid eating undercooked meat as these will spread the disease more easily. If you feel cold like symptoms coming on and know that you have been in contact or have eaten chicken, you will want to get to the doctor as soon as possible to rule out the chance that you have gotten the bird flu.…

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Vaccinations For Mumps

Vaccinations For Mumps

Mumps is an RNA viral disease that forms part of the paramyxovirus family. It is spread through contaminated items and surfaces. This virus is mostly known to affect children from two through to twelve, however adults can also be affected. The virus incubation period is between sixteen to eighteen days, ranging from twelve to twenty five days after exposure to the virus. People are at a higher risk of infection if they spend time around someone one either two days prior and/or five days after the swelling of the glands. Unvaccinated people tend to have a higher risk of contracting the virus.

Contracting Mumps –

Mumps can be spread through saliva (kissing/sneezing). The virus is also present in throat and nasal discharge. Their is no real way to avoid this illness, but taking precautionary measures such as cleaning all surfaces that and infected person has come in contact with will help. Most vaccinations such as the flu vaccine reduce risks of contracting various illnesses. Likewise, receiving a vaccination for mumps will help to lower the chances of getting the virus or at least lower the effects that mumps can have.

The symptoms of mumps to look out for include: –

=Fever and pain upon opening the mouth

=Swollen glands and cheeks

=Headache and earache that can be aggravated by chewing

=Sore Muscles

=Lowered appetite

=In boys and men, swelling of the testicles is common

=Feeling lethargic

=In women, abdominal pain

=Upper abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting

=Aversion to light and a stiff neck

=Moderately high temperature that can last up to four days

=Dryness of the mouth

=Having acidic or citric drinks or food may cause discomfort

=In some cases seizures may occur, if so then hospitalization may be necessary

=Difficulty swallowing

Around one third of people who have mumps experience little to no symptoms at all. If you end up getting the mumps, then cutting out your intake of acidic type foods is best to lower your discomfort levels. A few natural remedies you could try to lower the swelling are: –

=Indian Aloe which helps with pain and inflammation

=Ginger Powder mixed with water, then applied to the swelling

While these will help with the inflammation and pain, preventatives such vaccinations will help as well as eating healthy. Vaccinations are important, as they help to lower the risks of complications that can occur with these viral conditions.

So if you are susceptible to viral infections, cold and flu, then it is recommended to consider your yearly influenza vaccinations and all other vaccinations on the Australian vaccination schedule. Doing so will help to protect you and your family against the severity of viral infections such as mumps.…

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The Benefits of Getting a Yearly Flu Shot

The Benefits of Getting a Yearly Flu Shot

The benefits of getting a flu shot each year will keep you and your family from a lot of aggravation, inconvenience and prevent serious complications. The flu vaccine each year is the expert’s best guess at which respiratory viruses will be affecting us each fall and winter. This complicated process of monitoring influenza activity around the globe is akin to long range weather forecasting. A lot of science and intelligent guessing goes in to a process that is simply not completely understood. Remember we are discussing the respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, sore throat, cough, generalized muscle aches and headache. Most of the time gastrointestinal symptoms are not part of this illness. Although some children with seasonal influenza may experience nausea or diarrhea, the typical seasonal flu is a distinctly different beast than viral gastroenteritis or “stomach flu”.

Seasonal flu can be a very sneaky predator. It is usually spread by mucus droplets from a cough, sneeze or even talking if a droplet is broadcast at close proximity to another person. It is not generally airborne over more than a few feet. It can be acquired from touching a contaminated surface then transferring it to your own nose or mouth. Another dilemma with human to human spread of the disease is that infected individuals are contagious before they appear to be sick. Infected people are contagious one day before they demonstrate any symptoms and can continue to spread it for another week after they become ill. People who are particularly vulnerable are young children, pregnant women or people who have weakened immune systems. They may also be at risk earlier or for longer periods of time than healthy people with no chronic medical problems. These same vulnerable individuals may be at greater risk to develop complications. The death rate from the seasonal flu over the last 34 years has been re-examined to find a wide variation in the number of flu related deaths. The mildest year since 1976 was 4,700 deaths and the highest over 56,000. The new swine flu (H1N1 strain) was disturbing because it affected more people worldwide over a much longer period of time. It also resulted in a high number of deaths among young healthy people.

The 2010/2011 flu vaccine will provide coverage of the most recent H1N1 strain and two other seasonal flu strains that experts feel are most likely to be a problem. The peak of flu season is typically in January. However cases in the U.S. can start as early as October. Given the uncertainty of the last two years experts recommend getting the flu vaccine as soon as it is available which should be September in most communities. Everyone over the age of 6 months should be vaccinated unless you have an allergy to eggs, had a severe reaction to flu vaccine in the past or have had been affected by an unusual nerve condition called Guillian- Barre’ Syndrome in the past, particularly in response to flu vaccine. If you are currently ill with a fever you will have to wait till you are better before receiving the vaccine. The vaccine itself imparts no protection. It stimulates your own immune system to manufacture the protective antibodies over the next 2-4 weeks after receiving the vaccine.

The best way to avoid the flu is to get the flu vaccine every year. The time is here. Be smart and be protected.…

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Comprehensive Flu Home Treatment Advice

Comprehensive Flu Home Treatment Advice

Influenza is said to have no treatment but there are actually two kinds of drugs that can reduce the symptoms and length of infection. These two drugs are often used to treat flu of the A and B varieties. If you are not a fan of drugs and other chemically produced medications, you can also try out some flu home treatments and remedies that can effectively ease your suffering.

Influenza is a viral condition that is spread through contact with an infected person. Water droplets from sneezing, coughing or even speaking can introduce the virus to an unsuspecting individual. There is an incubation period before the virus manifests through symptoms of fever, chills, muscle aches, headaches, cold like symptoms and feeling extremely tired. Flu home treatment may suffice for some, while others with more severe symptoms may need antiviral drugs and even hospitalization.

Cold Like Symptoms

Some kinds of flu may manifest with symptoms similar to a cold, which is why some cold flu treatments and remedies focus on the cold-like symptoms. Breathing in salty or hot air can help to relieve a stuffy nose as well as help the flow of nasal discharge. Postnasal drip can also be eased when sleeping by sleeping with a raised head. This means that you need to pile up the pillows to a comfortable level and sleep with your head on them to a certain degree. This helps to ease the coughing that comes with a postnasal drip.

Another flu home treatment for one that has cold like symptoms is to drink lots of water to replace fluids lost from the fever and to ease the sore throat. You might also feel the urge to urinate frequently when you have the flu, so it is best to replace lost fluids even when you do not feel like drinking. Taking little sips can help to moisturize your lips and your body. This flu home treatment can be done with plain water or oral hydration drinks if you wish to have more hydration.

Rest is another flu home treatment that is usually given by experts in the medical field and also alternative medical practitioners. This flu home treatment expressly instructs the sufferer to refrain from exerting too much effort and just to take things easy by letting one body recuperate and re-energize. This is probably the best possible flu home treatment that one needs to bear in mind.…

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Hawaii State Department Of Health

Native health departments stop illness, promote well being and protect the general public from health issues and hazards. Medical Assistance Applications – Whereas medical programs are administered by means of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Household Providers, the public could apply for medical help at their Illinois Division of Human Services Local Office (Household Neighborhood Useful resource Heart).

Consists of info on applications, publications, health officers and laws. Since 2004, Buckeye has been reworking the well being of the neighborhood, one individual at a time. A healthcare provider who is listed as an excluded individual in the OIG exclusion listing and nonetheless practices medicine or another form of healthcare can be fined, and sentenced with severe criminal fees.

The Department of Well being, below the Food and Health Bureau, is the well being adviser of Hong Kong government and an govt arm in health laws and essential role is to safeguard the well being of the neighborhood by promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative providers in Hong Kong.

The Minnesota Division of Human Companies, working with many others, helps folks meet their primary wants so they can live in dignity and obtain their highest potential. Whenever you search the Net utilizing Yahoo, content on the Search Outcomes Page comes from quite a lot of sources.

The Philippine Department of Well being (abbreviated as DOH; Filipino: Kagawaran ng Kalusugan) is the chief department of the Philippine authorities liable for guaranteeing entry to primary public health providers by all Filipinos by the provision of quality well being care and the regulation of all well being companies and merchandise.…