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Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure: You Can Cure Hypertension in Few Days

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure: You Can Cure Hypertension in Few Days

Today, hypertension is on the increase and it is such a deadly ailment that can cause sudden death because it may not be obvious in its reactions at initial stages until it becomes critical. Although there are medications being suggested to cure hypertension, home remedies for high blood pressure are very potent to deal with the health condition.

Medications versus Home Remedies

The essence of home remedies for high blood pressure is to be totally free from the in-take of drugs which are believed to lower the rate of your heartbeat by causing your arteries to relax to the normal level of pulsation. No matter their level of curative power, they always have some side effects which may not show immediately.

So, basically, home remedies for high blood pressure will definitely help to deal with the root cause of the problem.

Firstly, hypertension, also known as high blood pressure is a terrible ailment that is often associated to a poor lifestyle. That suggests that you can naturally cure hypertension by changes in your lifestyle, for that is the starting point.

Now, note the following home remedies for high blood pressure.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

1. Find out your Body Mass Index (BMI). This will help you to know if you fall into the category of being overweight or obese. This is because overweight or obese people are more vulnerable to hypertension. If you are in that class, you will have to lose weight so as to keep fit and healthy. Try to lose between 1 – 2 pounds a week through fitness exercise program and dieting. Your diet should be more of eating vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

2. Live a life that is free from stress. It has been found out that stress is one of the most common causes of high blood pressure. Once in a while, take some simple breathing exercises while in office. Don’t over-work yourself. Sit back and relax with your eyes closed, taking some good thoughts in your mind. Listen to a good music for few minutes and make sure you sing along, and then continue with your work. Just have fun. Minimal stress level cuts your chances of having high blood pressure.

3. Take Vitamin D. This is available as food supplements. Vitamin D is essential to immunity and may also lower your BP. You could also do some sunbathing, most especially in the morning sunlight (sunrise) or the evening sunlight (sunset). This may require you to join a tanning membership where you can discover the right sunlight condition that is healthy for the body.

In a matter of weeks, you will be able to do away with your medications after using the above home remedies for high blood pressure.…

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Influenza and Supplements: Start Protecting Your Body Today!

Influenza and Supplements: Start Protecting Your Body Today!

You already know that millions of North Americans suffer the effects of influenza every year. You experience the effects of the flu season along with everyone else. The fevers, the headaches, the bed-ridden days. Perhaps you consider it an “unavoidable” annoyance in your life. Perhaps you have forgotten the danger influenza can be.

Or maybe you never knew.

In Canada alone, influenza contributes to up to 8,000 yearly deaths.

Even if you don’t die from influenza, you might play a role in passing it along to someone who will.

If you contract the virus you are putting everyone you pass it on to at serious risk. Strengthening your immune system is the responsible thing to do — both for yourself and for society.

This year, take control of your body! Resist influenza. It’s a lot easier than you think.

The answer?

Strengthen your immune system.

The real danger of influenza is that it weakens an already exposed immune system – making the infected even more susceptible to other devastating diseases. The simple solution is to reinforce your immune system – something that can be extremely easy to be, but that most of us forget about.

Of course, one popular prevention strategy is the flu shot. However, it’s important to realize that there is no way to include all the risky influenza strains into one shot. We all remember the H1N1 pandemic. Strains can mutate suddenly and ambush an unprotected society.

YOU need to be ready for influenza – with or without the flu shot.

You and your body need to work together. Keep your immune system as strong as it can possibly be!

The most effective way to assist your immune system is to keep your body healthy. Living a balanced life style will drastically reduce your chances of becoming infected with influenza. This includes exercising regularly and eating healthy.

What does your immune system crave? A healthy diet, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and antioxidants are a fantastic start!

You might think you’re providing your body with enough minerals and vitamins, but very few of us are. As Dr. Linus Pauling notes, “Nearly every disease can be linked to a mineral deficiency.” The frustrating reality is that even with all the effort a balanced diet takes, chances are our bodies are STILL lacking essential minerals it needs to maintain optimal health.

Everyone — regardless of how healthy you believe you already are — should be more concerned with their health. Particularly what we eat.

What if I told you there was one solution that could provide your immune system with EVERYTHING it needs at once?

Something that combined convenience and quality.

The answer is simple:

Vitamin supplements!

Without supplements we are unnecessarily exposing our bodies to the dangers of influenza. Instead of exposing yourself and your loved ones to influenza this year, see what supplementing can do for you. Let your health be an asset to your success, rather than a challenge. Start preparing for the flu season today.…

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Flu Coursing Its Way Through the US – Providers Need to Be Proactive

Flu Coursing Its Way Through the US – Providers Need to Be Proactive

The flu outbreak in the U.S has reached threatening proportions, and according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 7.3% of deaths last week were caused by pneumonia and the flu. The CDC is concerned about the high level of flu activity that has crossed the epidemic threshold of 7.2% and spread across nine out of the ten regions of the U.S. Public health authorities have advised the public to take vaccines against influenza A and influenza B. Healthcare providers should take special care to educate their patients on the seriousness of the situation and urge them to get their flu shots, if they haven’t taken them already. The greatest risk is for children, those with an underlying health condition, and senior citizens. Statistics for this season shows that H3N2, an A strain is more rampant, while the B strain is responsible for around 20% of the cases. Symptoms include fever/fatigue, and cough, and if these occur, people are advised to immediately start taking anti-viral medications.

The ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) has advised that all people 6 months old and older should be given annual influenza vaccination.

Coverage for Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare Part B (Medical insurance) provides coverage for a flu shot once per flu season in the fall or winter. This can be availed by all Medicare beneficiaries. A physician’s order or a physician’s supervision is not mandatory to receive coverage. However, this may depend on individual state laws. Additional vaccinations also may be covered, if they are medically necessary. The Part B deductible does not apply in this case, so beneficiaries need not pay anything for a flu shot.

Any entity or individual meeting state licensure requirements can provide the influenza vaccine to Medicare beneficiaries enrolled under Part B and receive payment for the same. The reimbursement includes the cost of vaccine and the payment for vaccine administration.

The payment for influenza virus vaccine is based on the same rate as the HCPCS code 90471 (immunization administration, Hepatitis B virus(HBV) vaccine) as priced on the physician fee schedule database.

Providers of influenza vaccine will have to report code G0008 when billing Medicare. So, it is understood that the reimbursement for vaccine administration will vary according to the provider’s locality.

Pharmacists and nurses employed by a physician/pharmacy can administer the vaccine using the physician’s/pharmacy’s provider number. In case they are not representing a physician/pharmacy and are not working for them, they will have to obtain a provider number of their own and bill the carrier/AB Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) directly.

Providers and Suppliers That Can Bill Carrier/AB MAC





Self employed nurses

Public health clinics

Non-skilled nursing homes

Mass immunization providers

Assisted living facilities

Senior centers

Shopping malls

Non-certified home health agencies

The last three are possible venues where a mass immunization provider can offer vaccination services.

Providers That Can Bill Intermediaries


Certified home health agencies (HHAs)

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs)

Hospital-based or independent renal dialysis facilities (RDFs)

Comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facilities (CORFs)

Providers Need To Be Proactive and Ensure That People Get Their Due Vaccinations

A survey conducted by the CDC reveals that not even half of the population was vaccinated by early to mid-November 2012. Lower flu vaccination coverage was observed among Hispanic adults. The CDC concluded that more than 60 percent of Americans did not take advantage of flu vaccination and the protection it guarantees against influenza and its ill effects. Providers are urged to not only recommend the flu shots to all their patients, but also see to it that their patients, staff and they themselves get vaccinated as soon as possible.…

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Afraid of Sneezing? Choose a Private Jet

Afraid of Sneezing? Choose a Private Jet

News and gossip about the outbreak of influenza A(H1N1) are spread even faster than the disease itself. Thanks to the TV and Internet, in a couple of days lots of people learned the expression “swine flu” which became an unscientific name of the new influenza. The travelers who had been slipping through the airlines’ grasp in the last few months because of the economic downturn got a new reason to postpone or cancel their trip. It is much safer to stay at home and not to communicate with hundreds of people from different countries and continents who create a human model of Brownian motion at the airports. But imagine that it is impossible not to go or to fly later. Urgent deals, profitable mergers don`t care about the flu – they need to be concluded at the right time and in the right place.

Fears over health are growing with the latest news. Passengers become more nervous about passing the controls at the airport or flying with lots of people. Every sneeze causes fear or shock, and the trip can easily turning into a stressful nightmare. Actually, worrying about the influenza can be more harmful than the flu itself.

The only one way to escape both of the problems – the flu and the stress – is to choose a private jet for the trip. Jet charters can fly to small airports where there are no crowds of people, so there is less chance of catching the influenza. A private plane is an easy way to avoid the suspicious sound of sneezing during the flight, as you know the people in the cabin. Some of the private jet companies in Asia have already reported a significant leap in inquires about the flights. Despite the image that private jets are useless and expensive toys for rich people, the reality is that in such circumstances they assist with business development during these complex times.…

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High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Signs

High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Signs

This is often referred to as the “silent killer” because there are normally no high blood pressure symptoms. If you do have symptoms, they are usually are usually vague or ambiguous.

Most people don’t realize that they have high blood pressure until it is picked up by their doctor at a routine check-up. Unfortunately, after a number of years, symptoms of high blood pressure can be a sign that organ damage has occurred.

That being said, the following symptoms may be attribute to someone with pre-hypertension or hypertension . These symptoms could also be attributed to a myriad of other medical conditions:


       Epistaxis (Nosebleeds)


       Visual Disturbances


If left untreated, chronic or persistent hypertension may cause serious organ damage. Again, these symptoms may be caused by a myriad of other medical conditions:

*   Heart failure

*   Kidney failure

*   Blindness

*   Stroke

Your yearly check-up with you doctor should include a blood pressure check. A one-off high reading doesn’t mean you are hypertensive. If it is high, you doctor will have you return to have another reading. Only after a number of readings will a determination will be made. It is always best to have you checks taken at the same time each day. As everyone’s blood pressure varies throughout the day, your doctor may have you wear a portable machine for twenty four hours. These machines automatically records your blood pressure at regular intervals.

If you have any of the mild symptoms above, it probably isn’t necessary to see medical advice immediately. If you are at all concerned though, the best course of action is to see your GP straight away.

Obviously, if you have any of the more serious symptoms,that may have led to organ damage, immediate medical advice form your doctor or emergency department is indicated.

Once it has been established that you have hypertension then your doctor may discuss lifestyle changes or if you have gone past the prehypertensive stage, then medication may be warranted. By changing a few of your lifestyle choices, your hypertension will reduce in most cases. These lifestyle changes may include losing weight, stop smoking, exercising more and eating a healthy diet.

If you have just one symptom of high blood pressure or more likely none at all, you should have it checked on a regular basis.…

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Swine Flu – Natural Remedies to Prevent Swine Flu

Swine Flu – Natural Remedies to Prevent Swine Flu

There are a few natural home remedies we can take to protect and prevent swine flu. Natural therapies have no side effects, unlike drugs and vaccines, and are good for our overall health. Here are four natural remedies for swine flu or other influenza:

1. Be sure to get enough Vitamin D and Vitamin C daily. Sunlight exposure is the most important source of Vitamin D, as well as dairy products, but many people will need to take a supplement to get enough. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and is important for good immune system function. Vitamin C is good to prevent and treat infections. It’s easy to get enough Vitamin C each day by consuming citrus fruits and juices.

2. Oil of Oregano is an extract from wild oregano plants, and has two compounds which may have positive effects on harmful bacteria. It’s a natural antiviral and antibacterial. It’s important to be sure the oil of oregano you buy is derived from Origanum Vulgare, and that the carvacrol concentration is at least 70%.

3. Liquid zeolite is another natural remedy. This tasteless, odorless and colorless liquid has no side effects and is safe for all ages. Liquid zeolite removes heavy metals and toxins from the body, and by doing so allows our immune system to do the job it is meant to do, keep us in optimum health. Just a few drops a day is all that is needed for detox.

4. Echinacea is an important herb used to treat different influenza and is also a natural swine flu prevention. It works by treating infections and increasing the body’s resistance against bacteria. It is only meant for short term use.

Also it’s important to avoid sugar. Sugar depresses the immune system, and because of this we can be more susceptible to swine flu and other illnesses. Sugar is present in so many prepared foods and in things we wouldn’t necessarily suspect, so it’s always good to read labels, and avoid processed food as much as we can anyway.

So those are a few simple natural remedies to help protect ourselves and our families from swine flu. I mentioned sugar because although it’s not one of the remedies, it’s very important to our overall health. When I visited a naturopath a few years ago for chronic infections, this is one of the first things she told me.…

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Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor – Tips for Buying a Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor – Tips for Buying a Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

There are a variety of things to consider when buying a home blood pressure monitor. Naturally, a lot will be based on how much money you have available to invest in a system of this nature.

If you are concerned about your pressure, and plan to regularly monitor your pressure levels, then it makes sense to spend time making sure that you’re getting a unit that is accurate and easy to use. This is important because you need a unit you’ll look forward to using. If it’s too difficult, you won’t want to use it at all.

You also should take into account if you need a digital or manual unit. A digital unit works well for people who live alone because one person can operate it without a problem. A manual unit normally requires the use of two people.

Medical experts say it’s important to set a consistent schedule regarding which times you will check your pressure. You should check your numbers around the same time every single day. Once or twice a day is enough. That is why you should avoid heavy-duty monitors designed for heavy use.

Remember, you are not buying a monitor for a busy hospital – you will be using yours at home.

It makes sense to research to determine which models and which units are receiving positive reviews for their durability, accuracy, and ease-of-use. Avoid making your ultimate decision based on price alone – it should be a combination of factors including price, usability, and the overall durability of the unit.

Purchasing a home blood pressure monitor for your home is a great idea. Just make sure to do your homework and get yourself a unit that you understand.…