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How to compare Medicare Supplement Plans

While Medicare can help a number of people get the health coverage that they need, there are gaps in the plans. Different Medicare plans cover different health care needs. If a person does not have the right plan they may have to end up paying out of pocket for certain medical expenses. There are some tips to compare Medicare supplement plans to make sure that the correct one is selected.

Do Some Research

Before automatically enrolling in Medicare Part B when a person turns 65 years old they need to research the different plans. If they do not research these plans or enroll in the program within six months they will automatically be placed in the Medigap program. At this time they may be turned down due to existing health conditions. A person should begin to research the different plans before turning 65.

Check the Benefits

A person can find out what is covered and what is not covered by the different plans by heading online and checking out They will leave what is covered and what health care conditions are partially covered. This information can also be found by speaking with a member of the State Health Insurance Assistance program.

List Benefits

A person should look at the different plans and make a list of coverage options that are the most important to them. Most of the plans cover basic health conditions. For those that like to travel over some of the plans will cover treatment outside of the United States. A person should write down the coverage that they absolutely need at the top and then list what other options they would like to have.

Look Over the Plan Chart

A person should print out the plan chart and make it a size that is easy to read. This will allow them to compare plans. A person will check yes if they like the benefits that the plan offers and can check no if they do not like the plan. This will allow them to narrow down the choices. A person should reach each of the rows and find the benefits that meet their needs and that are important to them. They should write down the letter of these plans so they can come back and compare the finalists when they are about ready to enroll.

Compare the Costs

Once a person has narrowed their choices down to a couple of plans that meet their needs, they need to find out how much these plans are going to cost. This information can be found online. Plans C and F have common benefits and they are less expensive than other plans. This is why they are the top choices. Plan A has the lowest cost but the least coverage options. A person needs to check the total cost of the plan if they will work with coinsurance programs, and the out of pocket maximum amounts for each plan.

Find Providers

Providers for Medigap are often provided by local insurance companies. A person can work with the company or an agent to help them find the plan and the coverage that they need.

Find out Guarantees

There are Federal laws that state the minimum rules for companies that offer these policies. This information can be found online so a person can get the coverage they need at an affordable price. During the 6 months grace period a person cannot be turned down for insurance coverage. Researching the different plans will allow a person to get the coverage they need.