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Swine (Influenza) Flu – A Pandemic Catastrophe

Swine (Influenza) Flu – A Pandemic Catastrophe

You’ve seen it on TV. It has made headlines of newspapers all around the globe and the subject of Indonesia’s latest conspiracy theories against the oh-so-powerful USA. It’s even the latest and hottest circulating gossip, trumping Miss California’s photo scandal. Now, the swine flu’s emergence has instantly skyrocketed in its popularity that it has become another star in the gaming world. Good news for Ms. Cali and the game-freaks; bad news for the rest of humankind.

Adding up to the list of the world’s MAJOR problems, the swine flu, a variant of the influenza virus, threatens the health of the earth’s human population. Why? I’m sure you know. It’s all over the news. How could anyone miss it? It spreads quickly and easily. One cough here, a sneeze there, and ta da! You’re infected! But most of all, because its symptoms are those of a common cold people could easily ignore its gravity, not knowing that death could come swiftly after a few days of what people would think is just a harmless cold.

I am well aware of the gravity of the situation, and I know it’s not something to joke about, but when I read the article I cracked a smile (well, okay, I laughed out loud). Why would anyone commission game programmers to create a game-whose sole goal is to spread the virus- and say it’s for the awareness of the youth? Seriously! What the hell were they thinking! (Uh, pardon the French.) The rich and their charities! I may not be the brightest bulb in the tanning bed and I may not be the most open-minded person in the world, but I think they could have invested their money to a better use. Like broadcasting the ways to prevent diseases, the importance of hand washing! Or providing disinfectant antiseptic hand gels! Or helping victims. Or funding research, perhaps? Did they not think of that? Who knows… maybe they did, but an inappropriate Swine Flu Game seemed like the best idea.

I’m getting fed up with this whole swine flu thing. People. It’s only when problems arise that the axiom “Prevention is better than cure” resurface. It’s only when diseases like the swine flu reach the attention of the evening news that people again realize that viruses exist. It’s only when these viruses spread that they panic and start to care. Only then do they appreciate Safeguard commercials, that just because Safeguard uses its ad for monetary gain doesn’t make it any less true. Hand washing does help. I’m just not sure about the 99% part.

As an aspiring health care practitioner, I know the precautions needed to prevent the spread of diseases such as this because I know the swine flu isn’t the only one we should be scared of. But do the people know this? I hope they do. This should have been where charities play a vital role. I just hope that the games which they have invested their money in would prove effective in realizing their purpose. If they don’t, and the virus becomes a pandemic catastrophe, I just hope it would be entertaining enough to relieve worldwide panic.