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The Top 10 Causes of High Blood Pressure

The Top 10 Causes of High Blood Pressure

The percentage of the population in the countries of the West that is suffering from hypertension (aka high blood pressure) is rising all the time. High blood pressure is also known as the ‘silent killer’, because there is no real warning that you have it, yet it can kill you stone dead all the same.

Whenever people say that they can feel their blood pressure rising, it is usually just an idiom meaning that they are becoming angry or excited. You cannot know that your blood pressure is elevated without measuring it.

So, how can you decrease your blood pressure or prevent it from rising without resorting to the daily intake of tablets? Here are the top 10 causes of high blood pressure.

1] The first thing to do is lose weight if you are too heavy. Only losing ten pounds can have quite a serious effect on your BP.

2] Smoking is a cause of high hypertension, so you could cut that out.

3] Drinking alcohol to excess frequently also increases BP

4] A sedentary lifestyle or plain lack of exercise will not help either. If you cannot bring yourself to go to the gym, merely walk more. A walk of thirty minutes in the morning and in the evening will make a deal of difference.

5] Diet. It is critical to follow a healthy diet, which will also help you lose weight. Cut out most junk foods; cut down on meats and greasy foods and consume more fruits and vegetables. Salt plays a big part in weight gain (through water retention) and is a key factor in hypertension. Reduce your salt intake. (Junk foods have a high salt content).

6] Strive to be happy. Easier said than done in many cases, but attempt to develop a positive attitude. Stress plays a big role in developing hypertension. Exercise is said to relieve stress as is meditation and yoga. Attempt a few items and see what works for you.

7] Some illness and sleep disorders raise blood pressure as do some medications. Sleep disorders like sleep apnoea disturb your sleep, preventing you from getting proper sleep, which raises BP too. Sleep apnoea can be the result of being overweight, so you know how to fix that, and if you think that medication is causing high BP, speak to your physician.

8] Age can be a cause but although there is nothing you can do about your age, you can try to be a ‘young’ whatever you are. individuals over the age of 55 generally start developing hypertension rather than younger people. You could strive to keep fit and optimistic. See exercise above.

9] Race is another aspect about which you have no control, but Africans and their descendants are more liable to hypertension. If you fit this profile, be aware that you are at risk so check your BP on a regular basis.

10] Fear, worry and depression can all have negative influences on BP, so if any of these debilitating conditions applies to you, get help.