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Is There a Vaccine For Bird Flu?

Is There a Vaccine For “Bird Flu?”

Hopefully, all Americans who are advised to receive the seasonal flu and H1N1 (formerly known as swine flu) vaccines, have done so. There is another flu virus that is a potential threat to international travelers. Is ‘Bird Flu’ on your itinerary?

What is ‘Bird Flu?’

Avian Influenza H5N1, or bird flu, typically infects birds and poultry. However, international travelers are at risk of contracting the disease, which has a high mortality rate. International travelers should consult with a travel physicians for advice on how to reduce your risk. Unlike hepatitis, typhoid, meningitis and yellow fever, there is no commercially available avian flu vaccine. Resistance to typical anti-flu medications is common. Most human cases of the disease occur from contact with live infected birds and poultry, or their droppings. Human to human transmission is rare.

Where are the ‘High Risk’ Regions?

A particularly severe strain of bird flu has been reported in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, which has infected humans. Since last year, bird flu outbreaks have been reported in Cambodia, China, Egypt, Vietnam and Indonesia. Just this month, Egyptian health authorities reported a fatal case the disease in an 18 year-old female, who had contact with infected poultry.

What Precautions Should Travelers Take?

– Avoid poultry farms and contact with live animal markets. Do not regard these sites as ‘petting zoos’. – Wash hands with soap and water regularly

– Use alcohol based sanitizers if soap and water are not available.

– Make sure that all poultry and eggs are thoroughly cooked. If the eggs are runny, then cry ‘fowl’!

– All surfaces that have been in contact with raw poultry, such as utensils and cutting boards, should be scrubbed clean with soap and hot water.

– Do not bring home feather products for souvenirs from high risk regions. Buy a postcard instead.

– If a traveler develops flu-like symptoms in a high risk bird flu region, seek medical attention.

Many diseases abroad can be prevented by effective travel vaccinations. Other diseases, such as malaria, traveler’s diarrhea, norovirus and bird flu have no available travel vaccines. This means that travelers need other strategies to stay safe to make sure that bird flu is kept securely in its cage.…

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Swine Flu Now H1N1- What’s Going On

Swine Flu Now H1N1- What’s Going On

Novel influenza A (H1N1) is a new flu virus of swine origin that first caused illness in Mexico and the United States in March and April, 2009. It’s thought that novel influenza A (H1N1) flu spreads in the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses spread, mainly through the coughs and sneezes of people who are sick with the virus, but it may also be spread by touching infected objects and then touching your nose or mouth. Novel H1N1 infection has been reported to cause a wide range of flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. In addition, many people also have reported nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea.

The first two novel H1N1 patient in the United States was confirmed by laboratory testing at CDC in April 2009. It was quickly determined that the virus was spreading from person-to-person. On The CDC activated its Emergency Operations Center to better coordinate the public health response. Also the United States Government declared a public health emergency and has been actively and aggressively implementing the nation’s pandemic response plan.

The World Health Organization (WHO) signaled that a global pandemic of swine flu/ novel influenza A (H1N1) was underway by raising the worldwide pandemic alert level. This action was a reflection of the spread of the new H1N1 virus, not the severity of illness caused by the virus. At the time, more than 70 countries had reported cases of novel influenza A (H1N1) infection and there were ongoing community level outbreaks of novel H1N1 in multiple parts of the world.

To prevent infection:

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds (about the amount of time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice). Advice from the CDC about the situation is, “Very frequent hand-washing is something that we talk about time and time again and that is a helpful way to reduce transmission of disease,”. They also advise, “If you’re sick, it’s very important that people stay at home. If your children are sick, have a fever and flu-like illness, they shouldn’t go to school. And if you’re ill, you shouldn’t get on an airplane or another public transport to travel. Those things are part of personal liability in trying to reduce the impact. “

If you become sick and notice early onset of body aches, vomiting and dizziness you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Although it is very unlikely that you have the Swine Flu/(H1N1) virus, you should get medical confirmation just to be safe.

Most at risk for infection are children and young adults under the age of 25 have been the most likely to contract the virus in the United States. For seasonal flu, the elderly, the very young and the chronically ill are usually most susceptible. Officials are still trying to figure out where exactly the virus originated, how infectious it is and why it is mild in some cases and deadlier in others. In the mean time. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, preferably with a tissue. No tissue? Do the “Dracula sneeze” — into the crook of the elbow. And be on a heightened alert to signs and symptoms of the Swine Flu/novel influenza A (H1N1) virus. See you doctor if any unusual flu like symptoms occur.…

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How to Get Rid of a Cold – Permanently

How to Get Rid of a Cold – Permanently

There is so much media attention given to the common cold, it is reported that at least 15 million people* in the UK alone are affected by colds or flu. Society deems it acceptable for people to be coughing and spluttering as the autumn sets in.

Businesses lose thousands of pounds every week from sick leave related to colds and those who get the cold or flu are put through their own suffering with temperature, aches and pains.

Yet there is NO reason why anyone should ever get colds or flu…period! It is not about eating the right foods or taking the right exercise (these of course help keep your body in shape) to prevent colds and flu. It is ONLY about the frequency you are resonating out.

The science behind the facts:

You see, your bodies function with your organs, muscles, veins and nervous system, yet they only function because of the energy that flows through you. Quantified research by such luminaries as Dr Konstantin Korotkov and Dr Bruce Lipton have shown us that our cells take their signal from our beliefs, these are transmitted through the body via our electrical system (our nervous system) which then determines the frequency of the body.

From work as far back as the 1920 by Dr Royal Raymond Rife we now know:

• A healthy body resonates at 78Hz to 83Hz

• Colds, flu and illness resonate at 57Hz to 60Hz

• Cancer receptors are activated at 42Hz

So you can see that colds and flu happen when your body’s frequency falls to 60Hz or lower.

Why does my body frequency get lower?

As mentioned, your body frequency is determined by your beliefs and this is not the belief that you WILL get a cold or flu, this is far more complex.

It is working on your beliefs of self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence. When you are confident, honouring your self-worth and have high self-esteem, you are naturally resonating in high ‘frequency’, as this is the frequency of abundance.

When you have a lack of confidence, it will affect your self-esteem and stop you from honouring your self-worth; this causes your frequency to resonate lower. Once it drops to 60Hz or below, your immune system becomes compromised and illness begins.

Whatever you are resonating out, you are attracting back the same frequency in experiences and opportunities, so low ‘frequency’ will attract negative experiences, which then compound the feelings of not being able to cope, low self-worth and a lack of confidence as well as moving your body into illness.

How do I stop getting colds and flu?

It all starts with spending time on you. This is not booking into the local spa! This is starting to listen within, instead of listening and reacting to external experiences. Confidence and self-esteem comes from honouring your self-worth, which happens when you define who you are.

Take time to acknowledge what your desires and passions are, are you following them?

Do you live your life pleasing everyone else?

Are you living the life you love?

Only when you begin to focus on your desires, on living to make you happy will you begin to maintain high ‘frequency’. Once you understand it is not about living in reaction, it is all about creating your reality, then your confidence grows, you honour your self-worth and begin to maintain your body in pure and natural health, you say goodbye to colds and flu. I know, I have not had a cold or flu in over 14 years!

* NHS statistics…

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Affordable Health Insurance for Flu Season

Affordable Health Insurance for Flu Season

Every fall, flu season rears its ugly head. September through January are the months when Americans are in the most danger of contracting the flu. Prevention has become even more important with the advent of H1N1 (swine flu). Although most people survive the flu with nothing but momentary discomfort, those with vulnerable immune systems can suffer serious effects, or even death.

One of the most effective protections against contracting the flu is vaccination. Getting vaccinated is quite easy; nowadays, flu shots are available in virtually every doctor’s office, hospital, and clinic. They are even now available in many pharmacies and drugstores! This makes becoming protected more convenient.

More good news: this year, only one shot is required. The standard seasonal flu shot is now combined with the H1N1 vaccine, giving protection from both at the same time. This is cheaper, more convenient, and less painful.

Since preventative care can lead to more affordable health insurance in the long run, many health insurers cover the cost of flu shots. The shot typically costs 35 to 40 dollars. In the future, the Obama administration’s healthcare reform legislation will make it so that preventative treatments–such as flu shots–must be fully paid for by insurance companies, without any out-of-pocket co-payments or co-insurance percentages that discourage people from seeking the vaccine.

Currently, insurers are most likely to cover the vaccine for recommended groups: children over the age of six months and senior citizens. Children, especially, are most likely to spread the flu to family members, fellow daycare attendees, or classmates. You may have to go to an approved in-network clinic or doctor’s office to have your vaccine covered.

For the uninsured, community clinics offer the shots on a sliding scale of prices. However, they may be located in more inconvenient areas or have limited hours.…

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How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure is considered the main cause for some of the most common, deadly diseases traumatizing the human raise today.

Including but not limited to stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, high cholesterol and more and more. The list could go on forever.

Traditional medical system has no solutions for lowering blood pressure except subscribing medications that often cause serious, sometimes even deadly, side effects and may even increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

It’s sad that hypertension takes so many lives every year because it’s relatively easy to keep it under control using only minor lifestyle changes.

Eating healthier and exercising more does help almost everyone to lower blood pressure drastically. Sometimes that’s even enough to high bring blood pressure down to a healthy level.

Diet and exercises however only address the main cause of hypertension in a very limited way. The main cause of hypertension is without a doubt stress.

The society we live in is so full of stress that many people don’t even know they’re suffering stress any more. But their bodies know and react with hypertension.

There are many ways to tackle stress. Don’t take on more than you can handle comfortable. Try not to worry about the things you can’t control. Get good sleep. And again, exercise a little bit more.

But most of us just don’t have the luxury of downgrading our schedule, nor the self-discipline to not worry about things. And who has time to go to the gym every day?

That’s where special mind body exercises come in handy.

Mind body, relaxation and meditation exercises have, in repeated studies, been proven extremely effective to tackle hypertension.

Ten to fifteen minutes per day of focused relaxation can drop high blood pressure down 20 – 30 points. That’s more effective than many of the most used hypertension medications.

Plus, there are no side effects. Which means you can rest assure that your blood pressure goes down without increasing the risk of causing other health problems.

So to most effectively naturally tackle hypertension, take 10 – 15 minutes per day for mind/body exercises, improve your diet and work out a little bit more.

I know it’s a little bit more work than popping pills but it is much more effective than drugs to lower blood pressure and tackle stroke and heart attack. Plus you’ll never have to suffer those nasty side effects again.…

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What is a Solventless Vape?

There are several different types of vapes on the market, and one question you might be asking yourself is, what is a solventless vape? Read on to learn more about this type of vaporizer and why it might be a great option.

Source material

If you plan to vape cannabis using a pre rolls california cartridge, you may wonder where to find a high-quality source. In recent years, many people have found that these products are a great way to enjoy the flavor of a cannabis vape without sacrificing potency. However, not all cartridges are created equal, so it’s important to know what you’re getting.

For beginners, vaping cannabis concentrates can be a little confusing. You can also have trouble distinguishing between a solvent-based and a solventless product. Often, you’ll see the word “solventless” listed on the product’s label, but it’s not always a guarantee that it is.

The best solventless cartridges contain cannabis extracts that are produced with care. Some cartridges are pressed with a special filter to remove the natural terpenes from the oil. Other cartridges rely on cutting agents. These methods can leave a dangerous amount of solvent inside the product if the cartridges are not purged correctly.

You must first ask questions about the products to find a reputable source. Then, look for manufacturers that are transparent about their processes. This way, you can feel safe and confident purchasing high-quality products.

Process of extracting

Extracting solventless vape is complex, but it can yield some of the cleanest, most potent products available today. In addition, it’s a safe and reliable way to enjoy cannabis with no harmful solvents and no residual hydrocarbons.

When using a solventless vape cartridge, asking questions about the ingredients is essential. This will help you know if the product you’re buying is legitimate or if you’re purchasing a fraudulent one.

The first step in the process of extracting a solventless vape is to choose a high-quality cannabis strain. Ideally, you want a cultivar that produces a robust and flavorful product with a terpene profile.

Once you’ve found a suitable cultivar, you’ll need to invest in high-quality ice water hash to produce a cartridge. Fortunately, many companies offer cutting-edge rosin tech solutions.

There are two main solventless extracts: fresh frozen dry sift and rosin expanded solventless extraction. In both methods, terpenes are separated from cannabinoids using heat and pressure. Fresh frozen dry sift is made with freshly harvested frozen buds, while rosin expanded solventless extraction creates a terpene-rich oil.

Health benefits

Solventless vaping is a growing trend in the marijuana industry. It provides a cleaner, more effective way to consume cannabis. However, not all solventless products are created equal. You need to choose your hardware and cartridge carefully.

Solventless vapes come in many forms, including rosin pods, bubble hash, and more. They contain all of the plant’s terpenes, giving you an enhanced experience without using harmful solvents.

Many companies produce products with solventless inputs, such as rosin. Some are even introducing edibles. For example, Olio offers rosin jam, classic coins, rosin batter, and other solventless options.

Despite their popularity, these vapes still have some issues. Firstly, they need to be reproducible. This means that a third party must test the cartridges. Secondly, the cartridges need to maintain the aroma and taste of the original terpenes.

Another challenge is the viscosity of rosin. The product must be recombined to make rosin vape cartridges until it achieves the desired consistency. Once the correct thickness is reached, the pods can be filled with the cannabis strain of choice.

In addition, the cartridges must also provide the required laboratory tests to prove their authenticity. The more companies that produce these vape cartridges, the more choices consumers have.

While solventless products may not be as effective as solvent extractions, they are no less healthy. They should be fine if the product contains high-quality flowers, a suitable extractor, and a clean process.

In California, several companies make solventless products. Jetty Extracts, Dablogic, and Camp are some of the top brands. These companies produce a wide range of solventless concentrates, vape cartridges, and oil applicators.

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Hypertension – Foods That Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure

Hypertension – Foods That Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, which is more commonly referred to as high blood pressure is one of the major health predicaments that a lot of individuals are scared to encounter. This is because hypertension is known to be related with several health conditions that can bring about life-threatening conditions like heart attack and stroke. While it is bothering when you have been discovered to be suffering from hypertension, you should not prevent this from causing too much trouble which may lead to worsening of the condition since stress can also be a factor that can make the person more hypertensive. However, the condition can be managed by following a healthy lifestyle and consumption of medications specifically to lower the blood pressure. Following a healthy lifestyle includes eating foods that can help in reducing increased blood pressure level or at least maintaining a good blood pressure level.

It should be noted that the food you eat is one of the most significant factors that can contribute to having high blood pressure. This explains why hypertension can be hindered if you consume foods that are favorable and avoid foods that can cause high blood pressure. This is why doctors always recommend a healthy diet specifically for hypertensive patients only. This article will name some of the foods that should be included in the diet plan of a hypertensive patient.

• Fruits Fruits do not contain fats or carbohydrates and other nutrients that when taken in large amounts would contribute to increasing the level of blood pressure. Apple, banana, strawberries, oranges, and apricots are some of the common and easy to find fruits that are classified as anti-hypertension foods or fruits. Including appropriate servings of any of these foods would help you keep up with a healthy diet for hypertension patients.

• Lean Meat For sure, even hypertensive patients would also like some variety in the foods that they will eat as part of their diet plan. To stay on the safer side, it would be ideal to include lean meat either red or white meat. If you want to eat poultry recipes, it is better that you remove the skin of the chicken. It is greatly advised that you either grill or bake it instead of frying the meat in oil.

• Dairy Products If you want to drink milk, it is greatly advised that you choose low fat varieties including skimmed milk and other low-fat milk products. To have your regular supply of calcium, you can also try fat-free cheeses that are available in groceries and supermarkets.

• Vegetables Vegetables are known to be healthy foods because it comes with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can all bring good benefits to your body. Vegetables like spinach and tomato are known to be responsible in maintaining normal blood pressure level.

• Whole Grains Complex carbohydrates in the most natural form are considered ideal food sources for people diagnosed with hypertension. Oats and barley products are some of the common foods that you can include in your hypertension-free diet plan.

In keeping up with a hypertension food plan, it is important that you stay away from eating foods that are processed because they possess high levels of salt, which is not good for people suffering from hypertension. Generally, ideal foods for hypertension patients should be low on fat, moderate levels of proteins, and rich in fiber nutrients.…