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Ward Off the Flu – Follow This Advice

Ward Off the Flu – Follow This Advice

Every time you have to stay home from work or school due to the flu, you lose money and your grades suffer. Many Australians are following a few simple tips to avoid coming down with the flu and are avoiding all of those missed days with ease.

Get The Influenza Vaccine –

Every year, data culled by the World Health Organization is used to create a brand new flu vaccine that helps people avoid coming down with the top three strains of the flu. Flu vaccinations are quite easy to come by, and you should be able to receive one at your doctor’s office or at the local clinic. By receiving the vaccine soon after it is released – around October – you will be protected in plenty of time for flu season. Imagine not having to worry nearly as much about missing work, school or even a fun holiday; with the flu vaccine, you can truly eliminate much of that worry.

Avoid Crowded Places During Flu Season –

The flu is a communicable disease, which means that it is passed along from person to person. We all know that working in an office, for instance, usually means passing the same flu around to everyone; the same phenomenon occurs in schools. You can lessen the risk of getting sick with the flu by avoided crowded places this flu season. For instance, steer clear of shopping centres, races and events such as the Ekka to really reduce the likelihood of catching the flu. Even though this advice is sound for everyone, in particular it applies to those people that fall in to risk categories such the young, pregnant women and the elderly.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle –

Your immune system is strengthened though a healthy lifestyle; a strong immune system is much likelier to ward off the flu. There are two main components to living a healthy life: eating well and getting plenty of exercise. Try to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible; the vitamins in them help keep your body – and immune system – strong. Exercise also plays a vital part. Try to get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day. Healthy people just don’t catch the flu as often as unhealthy ones, so keep that in mind.