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Hypertension – Home Made Support Group

Hypertension – Home Made Support Group

What an emotional day I am having, My day started out with a fantastic run, my doctor told me I have sky-high blood pressure and my food consumption will be limited and I need to lose 100 pounds.

I have to admit that I am a mommas’ boy. Yes I am 6 foot 5 former football player who has put fear into many opponents. But I am a mommas’ boy and I talk to her almost daily. When we moved away from our old city she was not happy about our decision and tried to influence me to stay. Just so you know I have the only set of grand children and we were moving 2000 miles away. I don’t blame her for not wanting us to move, it was something that was going to happen regardless of her feelings.

I did not want to give her the bad news, I was not worried about the high blood pressure information. I was more concerned about telling her how I was going to handle it. My mom always sided with being more cautious and not taking risk. I am very outgoing, I left my home and country at 19 to head out for College far away to play football and go to school.

My plan to lose 100 pounds was simple, diet and exercise. This sounds familiar for most people, eat better and exercise more and you should be able to lose a couple pounds here and few pounds there. My plan to lose 100 pounds is going to be different from the norm of losing one or two pounds a month. If I need to weigh 100 pounds less, I believe the sooner I hit my goal weight the better it will be for me. I will not use any form of medication that will suppress appetite or help you burn more calories.

My plan is to run off all the extra fat that I need to get rid of. I will compliment this running with an intense weight lifting program. I have no interest in looking similar to the very slender model types body shape that is perceived to be healthy because they are skinny. I want this weight gone in 20 weeks.

My phone call to my mom went better than expected. I told I have high blood pressure and need to drop 100 pounds. She said that was a lot and will take a long time. Then I broke the news to her, I said Mom I need your positive support about this but my plan is to lose the weight in 20 weeks through detailed diet and three work outs a day. My mom said it will be just like when you trained to play football and you know how to cook so I am sure you can do it.

Nothing makes a mommas’ boy get pumped more than having their mom support them!