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Effective Stress Management is a Learned Skill

Effective Stress Management is a Learned Skill

Talk about stress – wow, I am stuck at the airport in Philadelphia. I am tired having lived out of a suitcase working all week and all I want to do is go home. But, flights are delayed and I have no option but to sit and listen to angry passengers, screaming kids, and parents who are losing their minds!

At one time this type of situation would have been a really big problem for me to handle. I would get edgy, find myself being short and get wound up tighter than a drum trying how to control my stress and ultimately keep my blood pressure from going through the roof!

Then about a year ago I realized I really need to find a way to help me control my stress. I knew I didn’t need a shrink to figure out what was going. I knew I was my own worst enemy trying to juggle home, work, and family. I also knew I didn’t have the option to talk to a stress counselor every time I found myself stressing out. So I went on an all out search to find the best tool for me.

I found myself gravitating towards changing behaviors. I read more books than I dare confess to -and I ended up with a personal collection of self help books on tape that could be its own book store.

But now they are all collecting dust because I found something that worked far better and it is the only thing I now even consider using. In doing my research I found a product called the “emWave Personal Stress Reliever” from HeartMath. This ingenious little product enables me to balance out my emotions, and overcome the stress and anxiety I would have felt just a year ago. HeartMath can tell you all about the science behind it but I can tell you, it works for me and, right now, while I sit in the airport and watch everyone around me stressing out over misbehaving children, missed schedules, and all the rest of it, I am calm and not stressed at all thanks in large part to the “emWave Personal Stress Reliever”.