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10 Tips to Prevent Influenza

10 Tips to Prevent Influenza

Do not belittle influenza. Especially for you who are old, influenza can be harder to fight than influenza that attacks young men. It is because the immune system of old men usually goes down and the types of influenza virus that attack people are usually different.

There are three types of influenza virus; type A, B, and C. Each of them has its own family. Avian influenza for example includes type A. The types of influenza virus are also not same in their fierceness. Influenza that commonly attacks Europeans for example includes the vicious influenza virus.

That is why, not all types of influenza virus have antibiotics. However, you can prevent them. There are only two ways; increasing your immune system and reduce the possibility of your body to be entered by a virus.

The followings are 10 tips to prevent influenza:

1.Ask for influenza vaccine.

This way should be done especially for you who are old. However, not all types of influenza virus can be avoided by influenza vaccine. That is why, this vaccine is perfected over time.

2. Stay away from coldness.

The longer you catch cold by air, water, air conditioner, cold drink, or wind, the weaker your immune system is and the easier you come down with any virus. The only way to avoid the virus is by increasing your immune system. You should prevent the influenza virus to round into other diseases like laryngitis, throat infections, catarrh, bronchopneumonia, or pneumonia.

That is why, when you come down with influenza, you should stay at home. This way is not only beneficial to you, but also other people, so they are not contaminated with the virus.

3. Strengthen your body.

Strengthen your immune system by taking a rest and having nutritious foods, especially high protein foods. You can also warm your body by drinking hot water, taking a bath with warm water, etc.

4. Avoid going downtown.

This way should be done to prevent you to be contaminated by influenza virus because this virus easily contaminate through air. Thus, if you really do not need to go downtown, it is better for you to stay away from it.

5. Reduce smoking and drinking alcohol.

Those activities lean to reduce your immune system. Smoking can hurt the mucous membrane of your bronchus, so your bronchus is easily entered by virus. Smoking can also weaken the bronchus of passive smokers.

6. Wash your hands frequently with soap.

This way should be done to prevent your hands and fingers become the virus transfer source. Your hands may touch anything that is touched by influenza sufferer, so you might be contaminated by the virus.

7. Clean your nose when you are home.

This way should be done to make sure that you are not contaminated by influenza virus.

8. Gargle.

Influenza virus enters your body through your nose and mouth. Thus, you should keep them clean. On of the ways to clean your mouth is by gargling. You should also wash your teeth, especially before you sleep at night.

9. Do breathing therapy.

Your immune system needs sufficient oxygen and breathing therapy can cool down your lungs and finally increase your immune system. In this breathing therapy, you should drag in open fresh air as much as you are able and keep your breathing as long as you are able. You can add some body movements like taking a walk and doing gymnastics to perfect the result.

In addition, this therapy is also useful to heal you from physical and mental stress that also can reduce your immune system.

10. Sleep sufficiently.

Do not be fixated by interesting television programs, entertainments, and outdoor activities in your spare time at night. You should use your spare time to take a rest after your tiring time at noon. The insufficient sleep and excessive tiredness can reduce your immune system.