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Swine Flu and the Pandemic Alert

Swine Flu and the Pandemic Alert

Due to the world wide spread of influenza viruses there are researches taking place all over the world to find out the strain that is the cause of a large scale disaster in our countries. For the control of this deadly influenza virus a vaccine is introduced by the scientist that is resulting in effective control. However the main reason of threat is not the swine flu but the strain that is hot topic these days.

The virus responsible for this flu is known as influenza A/H1N1, and spreads from one person to another though coughing, sneezing and may cause death. This situation really does not mean that you should avoid eating pork. Many people are still concerned about the presence of pork in their diet although they are prompted to cook the pork meat properly so that they can save themselves from this highly contagious virus. When it comes to protect your self from this flu there are several suggestions. First of all you must take care of your personal hygiene by washing hands, throwing your tissues into the dust bin and to avoid being close to the person showing symptoms of flu. the swine flu spreads through air so it is not possible for us to stop breathing if we are trying to avoid contact. A face mask will help you in this matter.

If you feel that you are having a head ache, body ache, running nose, fever with or without chills, coughing, pneumonia or diarrhea with all these other symptoms, you must consult your doctor for treatment as it is possible that you are infected with swine influenza virus. If you are thinking that this flu will not bother you much and you can protect yourself with this new vaccine, the bad news is that you are absolutely wrong. The reason is that vaccine is developed for a specific strain of influenza and your flu may be different from the other types of strains and it will take about six months to produce a vaccine that is suitable for your flu.

As the time is passing, the number of cases is increasing in United States and since a lot of people travel across the world daily, it is likely possible that the virus spreads to other countries as well. Only by taking proper precautionary measures we can prevent our lives from this deadly virus attack. If our environment is clean, there are no chances for this virus to develop and infect us. A healthy diet will also support your immune system to fight against this virus. You can also use anti viral and anti bacterial supplements as a precautionary measure.