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What to Do When Your Friends Don’t Support Your Fitness Goals

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where others don’t support the ideas and plans we have. It’s completely fine when this is coming from total strangers, but when our friends and family don’t support our goals, it’s a real tragedy for us.

It’s normal. We need love and support from our friends because every single person out there is a social being and needs approval from the others. We might feel independent and strong, but everything we do is to gain approval and show our qualities. Read a little more about it here.

If you’re facing a similar situation, read this article to see how you’re supposed to react.

Understand their reasons for conflict

If your friends don’t support you in your fitness goals, then there must be a reason for this. The reason most often is called jealousy. Living a healthy life and building the body you and everyone else loves can only be a motive for joy. However, not everyone has the strength to live such a life. The answer when someone else is doing it can often be negative.

The reason for this is in the deeper subconscious. We’re programmed to see as negative everything we’re unable to do. People that lack empathy will immediately call your goals wasting time or doing the completely wrong thing. They’ll always find something better for you to do. Most often, this other thing will be similar to what they are good at, so they can make you feel less successful.

Explain your thoughts

If you happen to have friends who really love you, they’ll like to know your thoughts on the subject. Explain what you’re thinking about. Tell them what you need and what you would like to do. A good friend will try to understand no matter what you’re about to be planning. Even this article highlights this as one of the qualities a good friend must have:

When it comes to fitness, there’s no reason for anyone to see this action as a bad one. Fitness takes care of your health and we all know that health is something that’s most important in our lives. Money comes and go but a healthy body is something that will keep us going until the end of our lives. Just remember how people that didn’t care of themselves look like. Fitness will prevent you look like them. Feel free to use some of this in your explaining.

Use their negativity in the gym

We all have feelings. Words are very powerful and they can both hurt and raise our spirit. It’s up to us to choose how we’re going to use them. Are we going to let them break us or use it as a fuel in building a better version of us?

If you’ve been in the gym, you know how hard that last push is. No matter if it’s lifting weight, doing push-ups, or running the track. The crises are hard to handle even for the biggest professionals. Words create a cocktail of emotions in our head so just remember those words of your friends – you’ll never be a fitness model – right when you need them and see how your muscles react to it. It will be impressive.

Find friends who understand

You can’t expect from a person working from 9 to 5 behind a desk to understand your fitness goals. If your friends can’t accept the fact, then find people who are also into living a healthy life, like people who visit Caliber Fitness.

Think of it this way – a person starts telling you about programming solutions with passion and you don’t understand a word they say. You tell them that you can’t connect to what they’re saying. It’s completely the same for them and your fitness talks, just, some people react differently and can be offensive. Find friends who do the same and understand what you’re talking about.

Don’t be stressed over it

Don’t lose your nerves over this. Stress makes further contractions of the muscles who additionally create more lactic acid which is known to be one of the reasons why muscles hurt after the exercises.

If this is not enough to convince you why you should be thinking too much about what your friends think about your goals, then nothing else will. Keep cool and lift more.