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7 Ways To Face Adversity With A Smile

Bad things happen in people’s lives, and when they do, we react differently depending on our strength, personality, and preparedness. It could be the loss of a loved one, an accident, loss of earning ability, or a devastating illness. Some of us struggle through the tough times, while others thrive.

There’s no fun in adversity. However, you can train yourself to navigate your way around these roadblocks with these powerful tips.

  • Be self-aware and empathize with yourself

When other people are dealing with a challenging issue, we often show compassion and sympathize with them. It improves their emotional wellbeing and gives them the confidence to rise again and keep moving.

 Do the same for yourself. You can achieve it by practicing yoga, deep breathing, or meditation. Meditating on spiritual motivation quotes allows you to identify with your situation. Further, find someone who can listen to you and ask for help.

  • Master your emotions

How you respond to challenges determines your ability to overcome it. When people face challenges, they often allow the prevailing circumstance to dictate their mood. They become reactive instead of being proactive. When you master your emotions, you’re in control; when your emotions master you, your challenge is supreme.

  • Make humor

A laugh helps the body to release a feel-good hormone. Laughing in the face of adversity heals the mind and the soul. It attracts positive emotions to help you deal or walk through the tough times.

When you make humor, you’re not discrediting your pain. On the contrary, it gives you strength and resolves your will in coping with it.

  • Be optimistic

We draw no strength in discouragement. Bad things have a w ay of sapping al the optimism and hope from us. However, adopting an optimistic attitude can makeup see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Optimism is a powerful tool that allows us to bounce back faster. When you’re walking against the current optimism gives us strength and joy. This helps us to come out of the challenge as winners.

  • Believe in Yourself

Believe that you are stronger than the adversity you’re going through. Replace your speech with self-belief. Instead of talking impossibilities, speak possibilities. I can’t, I won’t, how can I, should be replaced with I can, I will, yes I can do it.

  • Let Go

At times, the adversity might have taken something valuable from us. It’s essential to let go of it. Accept that your loved one will never come back to us. Then, cherish the good times you spent with them and run with that. If it’s a devastating illness, find alternative ways to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Accept that things are not as they used to be and find peace in letting bygones be bygones. Failing to let go creates bitterness inside of you, there’s no glory in bitterness. 

  • Try spiritual nourishment

Our spirituality plays a significant role during hard times. Knowing there’s a greater supreme being watching over us, gives us strength. Draw strength from reading spiritual motivation quotes and religious books. And what seems beyond your ability can be a burden lifted off our shoulders by the deity you believe.