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Safely Lower Your Blood Pressure With These Simple Tips

Safely Lower Your Blood Pressure With These Simple Tips

When you are diagnosed with hypertension or high blood pressure, it can be a little difficult to immediately lower it especially if the blood pressure has been consistently high for a long time.

When a person’s blood pressure you will be given with two numbers, namely the systole and diastole. The normal reading would be 120 over 80. If the systole, reaches above 140 and remains there for a long time, it is considered as high. On the other hand, if the diastolic pressure is above 90, then it is already high.

Those who are experiencing a high BP would be advised to do some ways that will lower their BP. True enough, there are a lot of possible ways on how to decrease the BP; however, not all can be safe. Here are some of the ways to safely lower your BP:

Make an effort to lose weight. One of the major reasons why a person is hypertensive is because he is overweight. If you are overweight and you are hypertensive, the best way is to lose weight. You’ll see that after losing at least 10 pounds, your BP

will also be lower. With an effective weight loss, you will be able to maintain a normal blood pressure.

Have a regular routine exercise. Although you may think that this is a part of weight loss regimen, a regular exercise can also help in relieving hypertension. In addition, with a regular exercise, serious medical conditions such as heart diseases can also be prevented. Exercise facilitates the blood circulation which allows all parts of the body to receive adequate blood supply.

Avoid smoking and alcohol. If you are the type of person that smokes and drinks alcohol too often, then you need to quit these two especially if you are diagnosed with hypertension. Smoking and alcohol will just aggravate your condition and can even cause you other diseases such as lung cancer or liver cancer. If you don’t want to suffer any of these diseases, then you should consider quitting these vices.

Another important thing to do after knowing that you are a hypertensive person is to change your diet. If you don’t know yet, there are certain foods that can actually increase a person’s BP. Such foods are those that contain high fat and high sodium are the number one foods that can increase the BP of a person. Greasy foods and fast foods should be avoided since these contain high fat and high sodium. These do not only increase the BP but it can also cause other medical conditions such as stroke and heart disease.

As mentioned, it is necessary to avoid foods that are high in sodium. Hence, you should avoid those that are high in salt. Ideally, it is recommended to consume no more than two teaspoons of salt per day.

In order to maintain a normal level of BP and prevent hypertension, it would help if you are going to consume foods that are rich in potassium because it can control the BP.