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Increasing Risk of Swine Influenza in the UK – Medicine and Treatment

Increasing Risk of Swine Influenza in the UK – Medicine and Treatment

The flu season may well be over in most parts of the globe, but the latest reports suggest that the threat of swine influenza still remains in the United Kingdom. The H1N1 virus has already accounted for many lives in England this winter and many hospitals in the country have temporarily suspended non-emergency operations in view of the growing number of flu patients across the country. Influenza treatment is currently on the top of the list of medical priorities in the UK. Fortunately, you have medicines like Tamiflu oseltamivir for a reliable and quick-action treatment of flu, swine flu included.

An estimated number of 110 people have died in the country after getting infected with the deadly H1N1 virus. The number of death has doubled from the last year and healthcare officials feel that flu management needs to be more prompt and efficient to deal with the impending threats in an effective way. Many people have complained about lack of planning and coordination in terms of patient care and treatment. However, with Tamiflu available, you can hope to put up better resistance to swine flu. In fact a Danish study has revealed that the first resistance to oseltamivir can be the most significant step toward an effective flu treatment. So far only a small percentage of people who were given Tamiflu for swine flu treatment have shown resistance to this medicine.

Tamiflu is usually prescribed as a preventive medicine for swine flu. Despite the outstanding success rate of Tamiflu, the only worry is that this medication may run out of supply in the wake of unprecedented demand. It has happened before and it may happen again. A good way to counter this risk is to buy Tamiflu online from an online clinic after free medical consultation. You can simply visit an online clinic and place your order. Then you will be asked to provide details of your general health along with information specific to flu. All your information will be thoroughly evaluated by a registered doctor and if you are deemed eligible to take oseltamivir for flu treatment, a pack of the medicine will be delivered to your doorstep within 1-2 business days. The online availability of this popular influenza medicine has certainly relieved some tension among the Britons.

Tamiflu is an antiviral agent used for influenza treatment. It is recommended for patients aged 1 year or above and suffering from acute influenza. However, many leading healthcare regulatory authorities have given the go-ahead to use Tamiflu for the treatment of the 2009 strain of the H1N1 virus in patients less than a year old. But since the flu virus is highly mutative in nature, it is difficult to predict if a treatment that previously worked in many patients will also work in future. So it is advisable that you act on your doctor’s advice to take care of your child who has fallen sick because of a flu attack.

Treatment of flu with Tamiflu works best when you start using it within 48 hours from the first appearance of symptoms. The common flu symptoms include fever, chills and muscle aches, often accompanied by coughs and sore throat, headache and runny nose.