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How to Get Rid of a Cold – Permanently

How to Get Rid of a Cold – Permanently

There is so much media attention given to the common cold, it is reported that at least 15 million people* in the UK alone are affected by colds or flu. Society deems it acceptable for people to be coughing and spluttering as the autumn sets in.

Businesses lose thousands of pounds every week from sick leave related to colds and those who get the cold or flu are put through their own suffering with temperature, aches and pains.

Yet there is NO reason why anyone should ever get colds or flu…period! It is not about eating the right foods or taking the right exercise (these of course help keep your body in shape) to prevent colds and flu. It is ONLY about the frequency you are resonating out.

The science behind the facts:

You see, your bodies function with your organs, muscles, veins and nervous system, yet they only function because of the energy that flows through you. Quantified research by such luminaries as Dr Konstantin Korotkov and Dr Bruce Lipton have shown us that our cells take their signal from our beliefs, these are transmitted through the body via our electrical system (our nervous system) which then determines the frequency of the body.

From work as far back as the 1920 by Dr Royal Raymond Rife we now know:

• A healthy body resonates at 78Hz to 83Hz

• Colds, flu and illness resonate at 57Hz to 60Hz

• Cancer receptors are activated at 42Hz

So you can see that colds and flu happen when your body’s frequency falls to 60Hz or lower.

Why does my body frequency get lower?

As mentioned, your body frequency is determined by your beliefs and this is not the belief that you WILL get a cold or flu, this is far more complex.

It is working on your beliefs of self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence. When you are confident, honouring your self-worth and have high self-esteem, you are naturally resonating in high ‘frequency’, as this is the frequency of abundance.

When you have a lack of confidence, it will affect your self-esteem and stop you from honouring your self-worth; this causes your frequency to resonate lower. Once it drops to 60Hz or below, your immune system becomes compromised and illness begins.

Whatever you are resonating out, you are attracting back the same frequency in experiences and opportunities, so low ‘frequency’ will attract negative experiences, which then compound the feelings of not being able to cope, low self-worth and a lack of confidence as well as moving your body into illness.

How do I stop getting colds and flu?

It all starts with spending time on you. This is not booking into the local spa! This is starting to listen within, instead of listening and reacting to external experiences. Confidence and self-esteem comes from honouring your self-worth, which happens when you define who you are.

Take time to acknowledge what your desires and passions are, are you following them?

Do you live your life pleasing everyone else?

Are you living the life you love?

Only when you begin to focus on your desires, on living to make you happy will you begin to maintain high ‘frequency’. Once you understand it is not about living in reaction, it is all about creating your reality, then your confidence grows, you honour your self-worth and begin to maintain your body in pure and natural health, you say goodbye to colds and flu. I know, I have not had a cold or flu in over 14 years!

* NHS statistics