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When Tooth Pain Needs to Be Addressed

A toothache can be one of the most excruciating pains that you can have depending on what causes the ache. Some toothaches can indicate other problems in the mouth that need to be addressed, such as an infection. A dentist can examine the tooth that is causing pain and set up a treatment plan that is beneficial for the rest of the teeth in the mouth as well as the jawbone and the gums.

Causes Of A Toothache

While it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly what has caused your toothache, there are a few common reasons that you might want to look into before going to a dentist. Most dentists that help with toothaches Hickory NC look for teeth that are broken or teeth that have cavities. An abscessed tooth can cause a significant amount of pain and can lead to serious health issues if not treated. A filling could come out of a tooth and result in pain because the nerves are exposed. If you grind your teeth, especially at night, or if you chew a certain way on in a repetitive motion, then this can cause a toothache as well. Once you find out what has caused the pain, it’s important to try to change the actions involved to decrease any further pain in the future.

What Are Symptoms?

One of the initial symptoms is pain that is felt from the impacted tooth. The pain that you feel could be constant or it could be pain that eases with medications. Sometimes, the pain is throbbing and can make your head hurt as well. There is usually swelling around the tooth. If you notice any kind of drainage from around the tooth that is hurting, then this could be an indication that an infection is present. Another sign that your toothache has advanced to an infection is the presence of a fever. You might have a foul taste in your mouth from the drainage and infection. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to contact a dentist who can take an X-ray and look at the tooth that hurts to determine the best solution.

Treatment Options

As with many health concerns, there are a few treatment options available if you have a toothache. If the issue is a cavity, then the dentist can do a filling to try to save the tooth. If there is too much damage to the tooth or if it’s infected, then an extraction might be the best option. Sometimes, a root canal is the best option instead of a filling if you want to keep the tooth. This is often the last resort before an extraction. If most of the tooth is gone, then an extraction is usually the best and only option, especially if there is an infection. Your dentist will likely give you an antibiotic to clear as much of the infection as possible before removing the tooth or trying to do a filling or root canal to minimize the spread of the infection.