The H1N1 Virus Inoculations Arrive This Month – Is Your Online Business Ready?

The H1N1 Virus Inoculations Arrive This Month – Is Your Online Business Ready?

The shots for the H1N1 Virus (swine flu) are just starting to become available for distribution this month (October). Where I live has already had 4 deaths attributed to the swine flu. The most recent death was tragically a young child. We will receive about 43,500 doses of the nasal spray. It is going to take about 2 to 3 weeks for the distribution channels to get established for all the service centers to provide the vaccine for the primary shipment to follow. The initial shipment is for vaccinating health-care and emergency medical workers.

What originally was thought to require two shots spread over a two month period has changed to just one dose. In a previous article I wrote about what a great idea it would be to create a marketing campaign around the H1N1 virus. I still want to encourage anyone medically inclined or in the health services industry to look into affiliate marketing to create their own business internet money online opportunity for making internet money online.

Here are three things you should be aware of in planning for the H1N1 virus. They will help you focus your marketing campaign to take advantage of this opportunity for making internet money online.

(1) Did you know some hospitals have been planning for almost seven years through surge planning for an epidemic such as the H1N1 virus? Clearly the point to be made here is planning is an ongoing thing. Even though you might think seven years is a long time, your life will likely span ten times that so planning is a continual thing. We all should be planning for our future. This planning should include every aspect of our life to include our heath, financial, spiritual and mental preparation. It is a lifetime commitment and an area to investigate for your financial planning is affiliate marketing and your business internet money online opportunity for making internet money online.

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(2) Is the nation ready to handle a public health crisis caused by the H1N1 virus? Our last national concern was the 1968 flu pandemic that many people reading this article were not even born yet. The concern for this outbreak became the focus for building a model to address the H1N1 virus. A plan was put in motion to determine how we could deal with a pandemic that lasted eight weeks and sickened 35 percent of the population. Have you prepared yourself and your family for this type of health crisis. Even though the medical community has done so, what have you done to prepare? Do you have a thermometer, facial masks, potable water, antibiotics, and access to vaccines, cleansers and cleaners? Think of what you need and then you will realize what everyone else needs and you can start a business internet money online opportunity and marketing campaign based on these needs.

(3) The internet and online resources are the first place people look for information about the H1N1 (swine flu) virus. Your business internet money online opportunity for making internet money online is the perfect place for people to learn about the H1N1 virus and purchase essential items to prepare for this flu season. We all will have someone who will be directly or indirectly affected by the H1N1 virus. Be someone they can turn to for help and information.

If you start now, you and your family can be prepared as well as you can be one of the first to help your community prepare for the H1N1 virus and flu season using your affiliate marketing skills.

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