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Stock Up on Homeopathic Remedies That Heal Injuries & Minor Illnesses

Stock Up on Homeopathic Remedies That Heal Injuries & Minor Illnesses

Homeopathy stimulates a person’s vital force allowing the body to naturally resist infection and heal itself. Every home medicine cabinet and first aid kit should be stocked with certain homeopathic remedies that will relieve symptoms from the common cold, the flu or everyday minor injuries like burns, stings, scrapes and bruises.

First Aid:

o Apis 30C: For treating bee, wasp, and fire ant stings – look for redness and swelling

o Arnica 30C: For bumps, bruises, muscle soreness, and shock from injuries

o Calendula 30C: Speeds healing of internal injuries, wounds and skin irritation.

o Calendula Gel/Cream/Ointment: Apply to wounds, cuts, rashes and sun – a natural antibacterial agent

o Cantharis 30C: For burns, sunburns and scalding – may be raw and inflamed

o Hypericum 30C: For nerve injuries or shooting pain along the nerves especially fingers and toes

o Phosphorus 30C: For nosebleeds and other minor hemorrhages

Flu and Common Cold:

o Allium Cepa 30C: For watery eyes & burning, runny nose – relief from cold or allergy symptoms

o Belladonna 30C: For sudden fever or inflammation with redness and intense heat – may be delirious

o Gelsenium 30C: For gradually increasing fever with weakness, heaviness, droopy eyes, and trembling

o Ipecacuanha 30C: For nausea and vomiting, esp when vomiting does not relieve nausea

o Oscillococcinum 30C or 200C: Reduces duration and severity of all types of flu – fever, chills, body aches and pains

All homeopathic remedies are FDA regulated and are considered safe and effective when taken under the supervision of a professional homeopath practitioner. Keep in mind when self-prescribing that two key principles of homeopathy is “like heals like” and the “minimum dose” … this means that taking the least amount of a remedy that is most similar to the symptoms will usually produce the greatest results.