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Why Contact Lens Have Become More Popular Than Glasses

Eyeglasses have become more of an accessory than a tool to improve vision. In fact, when it comes to eye contacts Leawood KS professionals say, in many cases, contact lenses may be better.

Two Types Of Lens: Hard or Soft

Nowadays, the use of soft contact lenses is very widespread. They are characterized by their high-water content and optimum oxygen permeability, which are almost imperceptible to the eye. The result: excellent compatibility, spontaneity and comfort for any occasion from morning to night.

Soft contact lenses are extremely comfortable, so much so that you have to remember to remove them to allow the eye to have ventilation. Unfortunately, unlike the hard ones, the range of defects that correct these contact lenses is very small, so they are not recommended for all cases. They are less durable than hard lens, and more expensive, but they are excellent for prolonged use.

Rigid contact lenses, also known as hard lenses can be a bit more complicated to adapt to, but they are also more resistant, require less maintenance. They have become the most common because they are the ones that offer greater possibilities of correction of visual defects. Although when the user becomes accustomed to them they are very comfortable, especially when they have been drawn up and adjusted correctly. It is necessary to take some care, and in certain circumstances they may offer a bit of discomfort. It is necessary to remove them to sleep, and they require meticulous cleaning before and after using them.

Hard lenses are very durable, they are not deformed, and a great advantage is that they offer them in bifocal or multi-focal and are less expensive.

Contact Lens Or Glasses?

Choosing to wear glasses or contact lenses to correct vision depends not only on your personal preference, but a range of choices. Your daily habits, the convenience, or a matter of your budget form the factors that will help you make the decision.

While one is not technically better than the other, contact lens offer you more advantages like the convenience of not having to keep up with eyeglasses. Simply insert your lens and go on about your day.

⦁ Contact lens adapt to the curvature of the eye, which offer you a bigger field of vision and causing fewer visual distortions and obstructions than glasses.

⦁ Contact lenses are not a problem when it comes to sports and exercise.

⦁ The contact lenses are usually not impacted by the change in weather, and do not fog up in cold climates such as glasses.

⦁ If you have thoughts of changing your eye color, colored contact lens gives you the chance to experiment.

⦁ There are prescription contact lenses that can often shift or reshape the corneas.

Unfortunately, with eyeglasses, some people notice a distortion in their peripheral vision. And individuals may also have issues when they try to focus, and blurred vision when they start wearing glasses or changing glasses. Also, depending on the lenses we need, these can be thick and unattractive and can make the eyes appear very small.

Besides the obvious conveniences of using contact lens, life is simply easier than keeping up with a pair of eyeglasses.