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Six Main Emerging Trends in Dentistry

The industry of dental care continues to evolve in response to the growing demand for revolutionary treatment in the marketplace. Specialists in the sector have witnessed numerous transitions that have taken place in the oral health field in recent years. As such, people have seen the introduction of tech-enabled x-rays, cleaning technologies, besides laser dentistry. In this article, we’ll highlight six of the most common emerging trends that will take hold in the future.

Emotional Dentistry

Emotional dentistry is one of the most significant impacts that have been achieved in the industry. With virtual mockups as well as digital photos, patients can envision themselves with final restorations. This boosts patient’s trust thereby making them emotionally dedicated to the outcome. Unlike in the past, patients can now have the chance to try out different smiles while choosing what is more appealing to them. This is the opposite of what happened in the past. The procedure is life changing.


From assisting the government in clumping down counterfeit drug industries to facilitate easy access of data to healthcare facilities as well as insurance providers, blockchain is vastly streamlining the healthcare sector. Startups have partnered to make up the most out of the opportunity. Away from cryptocurrency, blockchains can facilitate the creation of a decentralized system that can track a patient’s details and treatment history. This usually eliminates the requirement to fill in various applications every visit to the clinic.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry utilizes medication to assist patients in relaxing when undergoing dental procedures. Sometimes, it’s termed as sleep dentistry, even though that’s not entirely accurate. Usually, patients are awake apart from those who are under anesthesia.

CEREC Crowns

Acquiring traditional crowns entails an extensive process. People spend about two to three weeks to have their dental crowns implanted in the jaw. This can be a dreadful experience for some patients. With the new Computer-Aided-Design technology dentists can now expedite the whole process of creating crowns for patients. The new field has enabled dentists to create CEREC Crown, which allows them to achieve optimal function to create natural teeth for patients. Most dental implants anchorage offer such services.

Six Months Smile

Six months smile refers to a clear brace designed to straighten a patient’s front teeth in six months. The idea behind this trend is to help you achieve speedy results since it’s focused on tackling various cosmetic problems as well as straightening your front teeth. While Six Months may not be readily available in most dental care practices, an alternative could be invisible treatments that work in the same way.

Payment Solutions and Programs

Although the application of dental technologies is on the rise, these advanced treatment options will not be accessible at a lower price. Empowering patient financing is going to challenge the dental industry as well as practitioners. Dental insurance firms formulate policies to cover basic needs such as emergencies, primary care, in addition to routine maintenance. With the outlined trends it looks like 2019 will be an exciting year for patients and dentists. Technology will continue to drive the industry beyond conventional practices.