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Even in the Summer Do Your Bit to Avoid Catching Cold and Flu Bugs

Even in the Summer Do Your Bit to Avoid Catching Cold and Flu Bugs

We have had a pretty miserable winter this year, with record amounts of snow and many people in remote areas being confined to their homes with snow piling up outside their door. Obviously as and when people leave their homes during cold weather they are prone to catching a cold or the dreaded flu virus. A lot of the time cold and flu viruses can be caught in close quarters with friends, family members or strangers on the bus.

With the signs of spring coming finally many of us will think we’re clear of the many coughs and sneezes of winter, sadly this is not the case. The cold and flu wave can strike at any point of the year and even though it may be baking hot outside some unlucky people can still fall victim to a blocked nose or a chesty cough.

With people going out and about more as the weather warms up you’re more likely to come into contact with people who are full of cold and flu. All it takes is one person to sneeze into their hands and use a handrail you later touch to spread the germs. You tend to get wind of a cold bug going round when friends and family members or even work colleagues start coughing and spluttering.

Once this happens it is best to get ready and begin looking for cold medicine, a lot of the cold medicine that is available can help alleviate the aches and pains as well as clear your sinuses but there are other products such as cough syrup to ease tickly or sore throats.

The best advice doctors can give for you is to prepare yourself for the oncoming bug by getting plenty of vitamin C, either through citrus fruits and drinks or supplement tablets. Vitamin C can help boost your body’s immune system allowing it to bounce back much quicker from the cold. Using antibacterial hand wash or gel is a good idea too, these have become very popular in the UK in light of the swine flu outbreak in previous years and many businesses will actually provide employees with products to help prevent the spread of infection.

The summer months are a time for us to be outdoors and enjoying ourselves, not cooped up inside blowing our nose into a tissue so make sure that you prepare for cold and flu season and make necessary changes to your daily regimen for the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your body in peak condition.