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Prevent Influenza From Recurring

Prevent Influenza From Recurring

There are some diseases that we can only get once, like chicken pox for example; once you get infected with chicken pox, you will never get infected by it again. Our body develops a resistance to this virus. The immune system develops the response and remembers it to counter the infection once it tries to invade your body again. Influenza on the other hand unlike chicken pox, can affect you over and over again. It is very prevalent because of its high recurrence.

Influenza recurrence

It would be great if you can get infected by influenza just ones and then develop immunity against the virus. But this is not the case with this disease. What is bad is that you can even get infected twice or thrice in a year. It is because there are two family types of this virus. And aside from this, different strains mutate every once in a while. The virus that infected you 4 months ago may mutate to an even stronger strain and can affect you again. This is also the reason for yearly upgrade in flu vaccines.

How can diet help avoid Flu recurrence?

Eating healthy foods will help boost your immune system. That is why having a healthy diet is very helpful in preventing recurrent infection by flu virus. Compromised immune system is weaker and cannot help you against flu infection. A good and healthy diet includes lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and protein rich foods.

Exercise to prevent recurrent Flu

Regular exercise increases immune system strength. This can help you improve your resistance against various diseases like flu by strengthening your immune system. You don’t need to go to a gym. Even a 30 minute walk or jog can be beneficial.

Flu vaccines

Lastly, having yearly shots of this vaccine can help you prevent its recurrence. These vaccines are derived from three different strains of the virus, and it is a surefire way to avoid getting infected by flu.