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Hypertension Check – Up is Very Crucial

Hypertension Check – Up is Very Crucial

Every time you pay a visit to your medical doctor, in spite of what the visit is for, ensure you have your blood pressure checked. The hazard with hypertension is that it is a sudden killer and those who always fall victim are not mindful that they are at high risk of stroke, heart disease or other related medical incidences.

If you are suspicious that your blood might be on high side, you are advise to visit your Doctor immediately. Your health really worth guarding jealously. It is currently recommended that checks up be carried out on all patients who are between the age of 30 to 80 regardless of the fact that they have no susceptible symptoms as early diagnosis can really save lives.

Asystolic and diastolic pressure of over 140mm and 90mm respectively will seriously increase the risk of organ damage, heart disease and stroke by four to five fold compared to an individual of the same age sex whose blood pressure fall within the normal limit. It is very crucial to check your blood pressure frequently to keep avoidable health problems at bay.

Immediately a person is declared to be susceptible to high blood pressure, there are many helpful piece of advise to guarantee they remain in the best health. Changing in lifestyle and eating habit can be beneficial to people who detect very early that they are positive for hypertension. People who tested positive are susceptible to obesity, lack of exercise, consumption of oily food, high cholesterol and intake of alcohol in their diet. Engaging in physical exercise and a control diet, reducing the intake of salt can really help in reduce the blood pressure level without adding medications.

In summary, high blood pressure is hazardous because it requires your heart to work tediously. The effect can harden the walls of the arteries, which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, one of the leading causes of death in the developed world. While high blood pressure can appear unlikely to hurt, a closer look quickly exposed the possibility of variety of problems including blindness, heart failure and kidney disease.

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