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Reasons For Having Your Blood Pressure Checked Regularly

Reasons For Having Your Blood Pressure Checked Regularly

If you are a hypertension sufferer and you know it, the chances are that you are controlling it by having your blood pressure checked regularly and adjusting your lifestyle accordingly.

But statistics tell us that up to 30% of the sufferers worldwide are unaware that they are a victim of hypertension.

There are many signs and symptoms of hypertension or high blood pressure but in a lot of cases the first sign you receive is to suffer a heart attack. Having your blood pressure checked regularly can avert any shocks like this and avoid such a life threatening illness.

Due to the pace of life today, the fast food culture that we embrace together with a lack of any type of physical exercise, your body is suffering like never before.

Just after the Second World War, obesity was unheard of. Now we read of hospitals refusing to treat patients until they lose weight and people so obese that they cannot move unaided. Likewise child obesity has reached epidemic proportions and is an embarrassment to the governments of the developed countries in the world.

It is not a surprise to find out that as many as 25% of the population of the western world suffers from hypertension and that death through heart disease is rising at an alarming rate.

Obesity can be one of the causes of high blood pressure along with smoking and alcohol abuse. The only way to overcome the damage that has been caused by this abuse is to learn ways in controlling hypertension.

Putting this much strain on your heart daily will obviously weaken and / or put unnecessary strain on it. There may be a number of parts of the body that you could do without but the heart is not one of them. It needs to be cared for and checked regularly.

Many people have gone on to lead a normal life after their first heart attack. On the contrary, many people have died as a result of their first heart attack.

Is it worth taking a chance? Is it worth gambling with your health?

By having your blood pressure checked regularly and taking notice of the advice given to you by your doctor, there would be no need to gamble with your health at all!