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3 Top Advantages of Dental Implants

It used to be that dentures or a bridge were your only treatment options when you lose a tooth. While they do provide a replacement for your missing tooth, they are often uncomfortable to wear and require daily care to maintain. Thankfully, dental implants Brooklyn are now widely available and provide you with a permanent solution that looks like the natural tooth you lost. Here are some of the advantages of this popular treatment option.


Once the implant is installed, you care for it the same way you do the rest of your teeth, with daily flossing at the gumline and twice-a-day brushing. This makes it more convenient than a denture, which requires daily removal for cleaning and reinsertion each morning with a sticky adhesive.


An implant fuses with your bone, which makes it secure in your mouth. It is custom-designed for you and functions just like your other teeth. You can comfortably eat any food of your choice as it will not slide around in your mouth or pop out as a denture could.


Your oral health is improved when you choose an implant because it is designed as a stand-alone solution in tooth replacement. A dental bridge requires alterations to the surrounding teeth so they can provide support for it when it is inserted into your mouth.

An implant also boosts your mental health and confidence because it looks and functions like a natural tooth and gives you back the smile and appearance you are used to. Because it is permanent, it eliminates the worry people often have with dentures slipping in their mouth when they speak or eat.

If you have lost a tooth and are deciding on the best option to replace it, consider the advantages of getting a dental implant instead of dentures or a bridge.