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Blood Pressure – Finding Natural Ways to Alleviate High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure – Finding Natural Ways to Alleviate High Blood Pressure

My grandfather who lived 101 years old had often said “Your health is more important than your wealth”. He always reminded us to take care of your body particularly as you age. His perspective was if you invest into your health with daily exercise, a good healthy diet, you should stay fit and healthy for a long time. He was certainly an example of the advice he dispensed. He was a firm believer if you neglected your body and ate poorly, you could end up with major health issues at a young age. He saw many of his friends experience health afflictions and one of the prominent ones with high blood pressure. Fortunately you can lower your blood pressure using natural means and keep it down to improve your health.

While there are numerous medications which can lower your blood pressure, there are just as many natural ways to lower your blood pressure. Unfortunately not all physicians educate their patients about the natural ways. In defense of the physicians, they do encourage eating a healthy diet and removing the stresses in your life. You can certainly lower your blood pressure if you eat well and are relatively stress-free. Realistically stress is one of the major factors that leads to high blood pressure. It would seem obvious to remove stress from your life by clearing your mind, relaxing and not worrying so much. Yoga is a great stress reliever as is many of the medications. Both work, however I prefer the natural way. To me, medications just mask the problem.

Hypertension essentially means that blood is traveling throughout your veins at a unhealthy level of pressure. As the blood hits your vein walls hard, the effects on your body are very negative. With this in mind it’s critical to maintain a reasonable level of blood pressure. Hypertension increases your chances of having a heart attack or stroke. There are many experts who believe we should lower our blood pressure naturally as it is safer for your body than medications. The concern with medications are the side effects which vital organs may experience.

Other natural ways to lower your blood pressure are to minimize your salt intake and to take time to relax each and every day. Vigorous exercising to increase your cardio three times a week by running, cycling or any of the other great cardio machines you find her local gym. Relaxation activities such as yoga and Pilates are wonderful methods. Determine what the stressful points are in your life and address them, hopefully removing them. Relax, enjoy and soak in all the good things in your life. A relaxed and positive mindset will reduce you hypertension.