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4 Reasons You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

The very idea of having a tooth pulled is enough to send pangs of fear through the strongest of people. Not only that, but having a tooth removed can be embarrassing, as if it weren’t properly kept clean. In reality, there are many reasons for dental extraction and most of them don’t have to do with hygiene. Here are three reasons you might be a candidate for a tooth extraction.

A Large Crack

Sometimes deep cracks can develop in a tooth due to crunching down on hard food, an injury and even grinding your teeth. If a crack runs the length of a tooth and goes beneath the gum line, you will need to have it removed. Having a tooth out is nothing to be afraid of and tooth extraction Happy Valley Oregon will make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Crowded Teeth

Occasionally a patient’s teeth are far too crowded and this poses a danger of them growing in crooked. This is especially common in wisdom teeth and risks include an impacted tooth or teeth coming in at an angle which interferes with back molars. Not all people have problems with wisdom teeth, but many do, so you may need them out.

A Tooth Beyond Repair

There are people who are prone to dental decay and it isn’t always from eating too much sugar. Poor teeth can also be genetic and some cavities can become very deep. If the pulp becomes infected, you usually have two options: root canal or extraction. If the patient’s tooth has gone beyond saving, or it’s a back tooth they don’t wish to restore, extraction is a good option.

To Promote Proper Growth

As much as a patient may dread the idea of a dental extraction, the procedure is virtually painless. Having a tooth removed frees up space so that other teeth grow correctly. It can also remove a painful tooth that can’t be saved and is often the best solution.