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Afraid of Sneezing? Choose a Private Jet

Afraid of Sneezing? Choose a Private Jet

News and gossip about the outbreak of influenza A(H1N1) are spread even faster than the disease itself. Thanks to the TV and Internet, in a couple of days lots of people learned the expression “swine flu” which became an unscientific name of the new influenza. The travelers who had been slipping through the airlines’ grasp in the last few months because of the economic downturn got a new reason to postpone or cancel their trip. It is much safer to stay at home and not to communicate with hundreds of people from different countries and continents who create a human model of Brownian motion at the airports. But imagine that it is impossible not to go or to fly later. Urgent deals, profitable mergers don`t care about the flu – they need to be concluded at the right time and in the right place.

Fears over health are growing with the latest news. Passengers become more nervous about passing the controls at the airport or flying with lots of people. Every sneeze causes fear or shock, and the trip can easily turning into a stressful nightmare. Actually, worrying about the influenza can be more harmful than the flu itself.

The only one way to escape both of the problems – the flu and the stress – is to choose a private jet for the trip. Jet charters can fly to small airports where there are no crowds of people, so there is less chance of catching the influenza. A private plane is an easy way to avoid the suspicious sound of sneezing during the flight, as you know the people in the cabin. Some of the private jet companies in Asia have already reported a significant leap in inquires about the flights. Despite the image that private jets are useless and expensive toys for rich people, the reality is that in such circumstances they assist with business development during these complex times.