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Metatarsalgia Treatment and Causes

If one is suffering with mild to sharp stabbing pain, or stabbing pain when moving around. One should go to the doctor, orthopedic specialist or a podiatrist for treatment for this condition. The Doctor will recommend treatment such as a rest and to keep the foot elevated and be as pain free as possible.

The best kind of treatment besides keeping the foot elevated is to apply hot and cold packs to the bottom of the foot 20 minutes at a time. This should be done as many times a day as possible. With a foot injury there will be swelling and pain for several days. So, the doctor will recommend Ibuprofen because it has a pain killing agent. Ibuprofen is also prescribed as an anti- inflammatory medication to reduce some of the swelling.

Cortisone or other steroid injections may be given by the orthopedic specialist or podiatrist. The steroid injections will greatly help by reducing the swelling around the metatarsal area and toe joints. Persons suffering this painful condition should heed his or her doctors or specialist recommendations and care plan.

The condition must be treated properly and rest is imperative to recovery. If the condition or injury is ignored or not treated with rest and medications the condition can grow worse and cause further problems. The inflammation can migrate to other joints in the toes and even the ankle joint. If the condition spreads the person can easily lose his or her foot or lower leg from infection.

Surgery can repair feet and deformities as well as abnormal growths that can rub on the metatarsal bone. Furthermore, the nerves in the foot can be removed if the nerves have been damaged. Losing weight can help to relieve some of the stress and irritation on the bone and nerves in the foot. So, the doctor may recommend weight loss.

Age is also a factor the doctor will explain. When a person ages they lose the fat layer on the bottom of the foot. When this happens, the foot is then rubbing bone on skin and exposed nerve endings. This can cause irritation or injury. So, the doctor can recommend wearing shoes with extra padding or support.

The metatarsal is the bones in the foot normally called the ball of the foot. If the ball of the foot becomes injured it will become painful. There are a few reasons or causes for the condition called Metatarsal injury.

Wearing the wrong kind or types of shoes can cause the metatarsal to hurt or become injured. Shoes should fit properly, they should never be tight or too small, moreover, the shoes should have enough room for the toe for the foot to move around just a little. Ladies with metatarsal pain should never wear heels or especially high heeled footwear. Heels put a tremendous amount of extra weight and stress and make pain in the ball of the foot. Heels add to weight on the toes and front of the foot. Heels make the condition worse.

Arthritis is one of the more often painful conditions. Especially in older individuals with joint pain. One can also develop pain in the ball of foot if the foot has had a traumatic impact. Such as the ball of the foot landing on a hard surface or a rock. This injury is also called or known as a stone bruise and is quite painful.

If one begins to experience recurrent metatarsal pain, they should consider buying a good quality support shoe. A pair of quality support insoles that provide arch support will help relieve the condition. The insoles are made to cushion or protect the ball of the foot and allow more pressure to be shifted to the arch of the foot.