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Reasons Why You Should See A Dermatologist

There are several reasons why people should make an appointment with a dermatologist. Many people do not make a yearly appointment to a dermatologist like they do for their family physician, but they should. Besides being checked for skin cancer, there are many other skin disorders a carrollton dermatologist would be able to check for.


Everyone has moles on their body. A mole has regular boundaries, where if it is cut in half one side would match the other side. When a mole has irregular boundaries, where one half does not line up with the other half, the person needs to see a dermatologist. Besides an irregular shape, if a mole has changed colors or shape, it will need to be checked.


No matter what your age is you can still get pimples. Some pimples are easy to get rid of. Other pimples seem to ooze lots of junk and hurt. It is those pimples which hurt and will not go away that need to be looked at by a dermatologist. If you have a painful pimple or a cystic one, you should have it checked out to be able to get rid of it sooner.


When you get itchy, dry, or irritated skin, it can be caused by allergies or other things in the environment around you. It can also be caused by stress. No matter the reason you got it, you should see a dermatologist, especially if an over the counter itch cream is not helping. A dermatologist would be able to prescribe a cream or pill to get rid of the itchy, dry, irritated skin. Sometimes a dermatologist would be able to figure out why the skin is like it is.


Psoriasis is another good reason to see a dermatologist. Psoriasis is when the skin has rough and scaly patches, especially around the knees, elbows, scalp, and back. It can develop on other parts of the body too. This skin disorder is when the skin produces faster than the body can get rid of it causing the old skin to pile up in spots. A breakout can be caused by the weather, other health problems, or even by what the person eats or drinks. A dermatologist could prescribe a pill or cream to help reduce flareups.


Rosacea is a skin disorder where the skin looks red and flushed, sometimes making the person look like they are blushing. Dermatologists do not know what causes rosacea but know sun exposure, certain beverages, some spicy foods, stress, and the weather can cause a break out of rosacea. The symptoms of rosacea can lessen by prescription medication or by light therapy. The symptoms can be reduced or stay away if the person tries their best to stay away from things which trigger their rosacea. It can be hard to stay away from what triggers an outbreak, but it can be done.

No matter what the skin problem is the person has, they should see a dermatologist. By getting regular check-ups from a dermatologist, like Carrollton Dermatologist, the person can stay on top of any skin problems they may have or might get. Skin problems and moles are no laughing matter. They need to get checked on a regular basis to avoid getting something worse, like skin cancer. Skin problems or disorders are better controlled and corrected when the person visits their dermatologist on a yearly or other regular basis.