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Long Term Historical Data on Influenza Pandemics and Individual Cases Considered

Long Term Historical Data on Influenza Pandemics and Individual Cases Considered

Did you know that some researchers are trying to tie Global Warming into a potentially worsening challenge with Influenza virus stains, ones like the Swine-Bird-Human flu that broke out in Mexico City? It’s true, and researchers seem to have been able to show that the mutations or evolution of “Influenza A” appear to match the warming period trend overlays over the last 100-years; interesting really.

Of course, one of the researchers noted that whereas, most of the notable changes of influenza occurred during periods warming, but not all noted one online think tank. A researcher from China, Guang Wu stated that “The global warming and evolution of proteins from influenza A virus are trends for about 100 years, we now can only explain the general trends, but are unable to explain any individual case.”

Indeed, I agree that any individual case falls outside the realm of understanding, but we still need to look at all of it. Why you ask? Well, because if too much falls outside our understanding or modeling, then the model and research is flawed and we need to re-think and re-question all we think we know. Such is the reality of research, pure research, and applied research, as it must someday come together in a predictable and understandable base of knowledge, otherwise we waste time.

It’s not fair for a researcher to not ask questions. The work on Swine Flu is important, we need answers, and all researcher’s hypothesis should be able to work in the various scenarios applied, if they are in fact applicable. Each anomaly that contradicts our data should be further explored to come to an understanding of why it was different to help refine our modeling. Please consider all this.