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Benefits of Flu Vaccines in the Workplace

Benefits of Flu Vaccines in the Workplace

Employers have a vested interest in employee health, but those employees obviously have a major interest in it as well. Nothing makes that more clear than the flu vaccination, which brings positive benefits for both parties.

Benefits For Employees –

In many ways, the benefits that the flu vaccine brings for everyday employees are quite similar to those enjoyed by just about anyone. However, there are plenty of advantages that are more workplace-specific that deserve a closer look. Consider these points:

Less Sick Leave – When an employee has to miss work due to an illness, their work not only suffers – so does the work of his or her coworkers. Avoiding the flu can reduce the amount of sick leave that

employees need to take.

Boost Morale – Generally employees who are given the option of receiving a workplace flu vaccination feel more in control of their personal health, which usually translates into a boost of team morale.

Keeping The Family Healthy – Knowing that fellow employees have received the flu shot – and that you have, too – increases your confidence that you are protecting your family from the flu as well. You’re less likely to bring the flu home when you work someplace that promotes the flu vaccine.

Benefits For Employers –

The benefits that the flu shot has for employers are just as compelling as those for employees, which makes it easy to see why so many workplaces have started offering them. For instance:

Fewer Absences – From a productivity standpoint, the flu vaccine reduces the chances that employees will contract the flu and be out for days at a time. In turn, productivity takes less of a hit, especially during flu season.

Shows That Employers Care – Employers who take a vested interest in the health and well being of their employees demonstrate that they care. This not only enhances the employer’s image, but boosts workplace morale as well.

Illnesses Are Contained – Rather than running like wildfire through a workplace, a flu stands less of a chance of wreaking havoc when employees have received the flu shot. This helps keep productivity humming right along, reduces interruptions and reduces the chances of injuries and mistakes in the long run.