The Future of THC Drug Testing and Legislation

Smoking weed is something frowned upon in many countries throughout the world. Mainly because it causes hallucinations and provokes people to act immorally. However, smoking pot is not as dangerous as cocaine and heroin. Doctors nowadays use medicinal marijuana to ease the pain in patients. Not only that, but there are pills sold throughout the world that contain CBD extracts. Therefore, marijuana can cause hallucinations, but it can help against severe pain as well.

As time progresses, the minds of people change as well. Some countries have legalized marijuana. Mainly those states come from the USA. Their government thinks that smoking weed is not as harmful as people tend to make it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone is on board with people smoking pot wherever and whenever they want.

Many companies and businesses tend to incorporate drug testing to keep their employees in check. No boss wants to have employees who will lack focus and concentration by being high in the workplace. This puts into risk the reputation of the company and no employers intends to do that. Read more about it

As of right now a lot of states have laws that permit employers to do drug testing on their employees. This rule is mainly applied in countries that have legalized marijuana. But this doesn’t mean that states that consider weed illegal don’t do drug testing as well. This process has become more acceptable to masses throughout the entire world. What if the whole world starts to act this way? Is it possible that a lot of businesses will start making their employees to do drug test just so that the reputation of the company is intact? It could happen.

Drug testing may become legal everywhere

There’s always someone that smokes pot illegally. They usually do this in a secluded space to hide from the cops. Lots of them get caught anyway. But if every firm or company wants to work efficiently, then employers must take some action. Drug testing can become mandatory in every business. Bosses might announce a drug test without giving a heads up to their employees. This increases the chances of someone getting caught. If you get caught, then you might get fired.

Moreover, this happens all the time. But the rules and norms can become so strict that weed testing will be performed much more than usual. A lot of people fear that substance abuse can cause moodiness, lack of concentration, inappropriate and irrational behavior, etc. These symptoms can damage the entire reputation of the business. Therefore, they can cost the employer the whole effort that they put into forming the company.

Drug testing may become much easier to do

Technology is constantly evolving. Nowadays, they need from you a strain of hair or blood sample to determine whether you have THC metabolites in the system. This usually takes a few days before they give the final result to you and your employer. But as times passes people become more creative and efficient. They can create a device that immediately tells if you have THC metabolites in the body. Click here to read more.

For example, just by pinching your finger to draw blood the device will detect the metabolites in it. This process saves a lot of time and effort. They can even do it from your office. You don’t have to drag yourself to a laboratory. Or, for example, they can take a strain of hair, place it inside the device and its mechanics will determine if it’s filled with toxins.

You might think that you’re in some sci-fi movie, but look at how much humankind has progressed since the beginning of the world. New inventions are continually being invented. The same thing can happen with drug testing. This device will increase efficiency in the workplace. Moreover, it can motivate people to stop using drugs altogether, if they work in a company that does regular weed tests. It’s better for the health of any person. This way the employer can have a fully functional firm and employees that do their work 100% efficiently. On the other hand, pot usage leads to poor functionality and bad outcomes for you and the entire business.

Marijuana might become legal everywhere

This is not exactly good news. But if they use the process of reverse psychology, then it might become useful. People strive for something that’s forbidden and dangerous. That’s why they smoke weed in hidden places, away from anyone to see them. They buy marijuana illegally from different drug dealers. If weed becomes legal everywhere, then drug dealers will be out of business, and people would be able to get pot even from a coffee shop.

 If something is so available and legal, then they might start to get bored with it and stop to use it altogether. There are ways to eliminate the THC metabolites from the system. Therefore, you can always use to help you out with more information. But, if drug testing evolves and becomes much quicker and efficient then not even detox shampoos can help you.

But on the other hand, drug testing will become much more increased. This is so because anyone can go out and buy weed to smoke before work. Not only is it unprofessional but you can ruin your entire career by doing so. If the company has a strict no drug usage policy, then it is best to obey the policy. Why would you risk losing everything by getting caught? The best way to avoid any issues is to stop using drugs altogether.

The future is unpredictable. One minute you’re smoking weed, the next day you’re out on the street. This has happened before, and will probably happen again in the future. If the rules become more and more strict, then there’s absolutely no way that you’ll be able to get away with THC metabolites in the system. Therefore, the best thing to do is to stay clean and keep your job position as long as possible.