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Hotel Maintenance Tips

Running a hotel is a responsibility unlike any other. Even the newest hotels need regular maintenance. Below are some things you can do to make sure your hotel is running as smoothly as possible.

Preform Regular Elevator Safety Tests

Making sure your elevator is running safely is of the utmost importance. Most elevators will have a sheet inside that says when the next scheduled safety test needs to take place. Try to stick to this schedule as quickly as possible. To get the elevator tested, you can either hire an elevator specialist to check it out or have one of the hotel employees go through elevator construction safety training so someone who works at the hotel can check on the elevator as needed.

Make an Online Booking Schedule

Most hotels probably do their booking on the computer, rather than in a book. However, computers tend to break. For this reason, rather than just having a booking schedule saved on a computer, try to upload the schedule online. This way, the schedule can be accessed from any computer. Hotel managers can change the access settings on the online document so that only certain employees can open and edit it as well.

Re-evaluate Cleaning Stock Items

Hotels need to have a hardy stock of cleaning items and those little soaps that they leave in the hotel rooms for the guests. Most hotels order these items in bulk. However, it’s good to re-evaluate your stock every once in a while. For example, are there certain soaps you can buy for a lesser price or are there cleaning materials that are better for the environment?

If you think your hotel needs some maintenance, try these three things first. They can help to make your hotel the best it can be. This will be great for guests and employees alike.