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Comprehensive Flu Home Treatment Advice

Comprehensive Flu Home Treatment Advice

Influenza is said to have no treatment but there are actually two kinds of drugs that can reduce the symptoms and length of infection. These two drugs are often used to treat flu of the A and B varieties. If you are not a fan of drugs and other chemically produced medications, you can also try out some flu home treatments and remedies that can effectively ease your suffering.

Influenza is a viral condition that is spread through contact with an infected person. Water droplets from sneezing, coughing or even speaking can introduce the virus to an unsuspecting individual. There is an incubation period before the virus manifests through symptoms of fever, chills, muscle aches, headaches, cold like symptoms and feeling extremely tired. Flu home treatment may suffice for some, while others with more severe symptoms may need antiviral drugs and even hospitalization.

Cold Like Symptoms

Some kinds of flu may manifest with symptoms similar to a cold, which is why some cold flu treatments and remedies focus on the cold-like symptoms. Breathing in salty or hot air can help to relieve a stuffy nose as well as help the flow of nasal discharge. Postnasal drip can also be eased when sleeping by sleeping with a raised head. This means that you need to pile up the pillows to a comfortable level and sleep with your head on them to a certain degree. This helps to ease the coughing that comes with a postnasal drip.

Another flu home treatment for one that has cold like symptoms is to drink lots of water to replace fluids lost from the fever and to ease the sore throat. You might also feel the urge to urinate frequently when you have the flu, so it is best to replace lost fluids even when you do not feel like drinking. Taking little sips can help to moisturize your lips and your body. This flu home treatment can be done with plain water or oral hydration drinks if you wish to have more hydration.

Rest is another flu home treatment that is usually given by experts in the medical field and also alternative medical practitioners. This flu home treatment expressly instructs the sufferer to refrain from exerting too much effort and just to take things easy by letting one body recuperate and re-energize. This is probably the best possible flu home treatment that one needs to bear in mind.