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Influenza – How to Prevent and Get Rid of the Flu?

Influenza – How to Prevent and Get Rid of the Flu?

We can fight dreadful diseases and be healthy by just being extra careful towards food, physical hygiene, and maintaining wise, healthy habits. Here are some simple and practical ways to do it.

1) Wash your hands frequently with water and antibacterial or sulfur soap especially after touching any public utility such as: door knobs of your offices, toilets, water faucets, telephone booths, computer keyboard, etc.. If soap and water is not possible, make a rubbing alcohol (with 70% Isopropyl) or hand sanitizer handy.

2) Always have a facial tissue handy too. In some cases, you might need to cover your nose to protect yourself from inhaling strong odors due to polluted air.

3) Avoid going into closed public recreation areas such as: movie houses and or theaters. The air can contain indoor pollution where virus and bacteria can thrive and cause a widespread of airborne diseases.

4) Stay away from rain showers, as this carries viruses that can easily make you weak. Whenever you find yourself in the middle of the rain or even a drizzle, take a good bath when you reach home or drink lots of liquid.

5) Liquid therapy with a glass of lemon juice mixed with a pinch of fresh pounded ginger and sweetened with honey is a very good natural antibiotic. This strengthens your immune system and builds-up your antibodies that combat any infection in your system.

6) Always remember to allow sunlight in your room with a good air ventilation. Sunlight can kill most of the bacteria and viruses that cannot be completely eliminated by antibacterial air spray.

7) Give yourself a good exercise everyday for at least 20 minutes under the sun before 10 o’clock in the morning to allow sun’s Vitamin D healing properties to penetrate and strengthen your body.

8) Never expose yourself to the cold weather outside without proper covering for your body, head, hands, and feet; such as jacket, boots, cap, gloves, shawl, scarf, etc.. for this can cause you to chill and may weaken your immune system.

9) If you have already been infected by flu or any viral diseases, doing the following tips can help you get rid of it:

a) Take a double dose of Vitamin C. A good vitamin C is one in alkaline ( such as:Fern C) to avoid hyper acidity;

b) Take a bath everyday with hot and cold water as hydrotherapy;

c) Wash all your linens and clothes everyday or right after using them;

d) Wipe your mobiles, phones and other stuffs which you use frequently with cotton and rubbing alcohol;

e) Set apart your kitchen utensils and food from the rest of your family members to protect them;

f) Avoid eating sweetened and fried foods as this will allow bacteria in your throat to thrive even after brushing;

g) It is better to eat alone, isolate yourself for the time being so as not to be contagious to others;

h) Try to chew a pinch of garlic if you have a sore throat as this is more effective than lozenges;

i) Gargle with hot water and salt or any liquid antiseptic every after eating, brushing your teeth and most especially before going to bed;

j) Don’t forget to stay a little more distant from someone you are talking to or better cover your mouth with a facial tissue or clean cloth mask while speaking;

k) Try to smear a small amount of organic Tea tree oil just under your nostrils and inhale it’s substantial strong component which is effective in fighting against fungi, bacteria and viruses altogether. It is an essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor;

l) for a better control of the flu virus, you may visit your doctor and ask for an antiviral medication.