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Hurom Hexa High Power Blender

Hurom is a reputable company famous with its top-tier juice making and blending equipment. A majority of their work touch mainly on the juicing machines. But that has not stopped them producing blenders as well.

Recently, they produced their first-ever high power blender that comes with an array of fantastic features and functions. It has a stainless steel casing form that gives it the durability it deserves. As such, it has an overwhelming capability to serve users for long. Also, it has standard features that enable it to beautifully blend or puree any ingredient. It also has a programmed setting such as smoothie and soup that helps in the integration of more nutritious and delicious products.

Unlike other blenders, Hexa high power blender comes with sprawling features that make it a topnotch option in the market today. Ideally, there are an array of choices for customers, especially those who love blending for personal use, business use or if the blending purpose is to serve a big group of people. That is, Hexa high power blenders are ideal for more prominent families.

Distinctive Features

The Hexa high power blenders possess features that are the best. These features work to offer a unique user experience. They include

Hexa-Blade Technology

As the top feature of the blender, the Hexa-blade formation works to create a tornado within the container for deep blending. That way, it ensures the rich texture of the blended product that, in turn, provides value products. The significance of this potent Hexa-blade enables fast, stable and complete blending.

Hire-Speed Blending

On top of this, it features a powerful 1600 W motor that blends up the speeds of 3000 RPM to ensure full integration. The manual range allows users to custom the pace of the blending. A feature that most people prefer to give them the option of getting their juices as they prefer. Other blenders like the slow-paced types do not allow users to vary the speed according to their need and time. That is what Hexa high power blenders work to solve.

Users Have Choices

Since the blenders are pre-programmed, just by the touch of an already set button, users can have anything they prefer. Smoothie, soup and ice crush models will help users to make anything from ice-cold smoothies to steaming hot-soups with ease. Past user experience indicates that this is the most loved feature of this cutting-edge blender.

Premium Materials

The materials used in making the Hexa high power blenders are what gives it the class it deserves. With its stainless outer casing, it ensures durability and longevity. Commonly, blenders tend to fall during use, as such; this development takes care of such unavoidable eventualities that could otherwise render the blender obsolete.  Besides, the larger 2-litre container is made of BPA-Free Tritan that makes it lightweight and without concerns for endocrine disruption.

Safety Assurance

In this 21st century, an excellent and very modern development must offer safety assurances. The Hexa high power speed blender has impressive features to keep users safe while keeping it safe as well. The power shuts off automatically when the heater reaches its limit to prevent the motor from overheating. Moreover, if the container is lifted off the base while it is in use, the operation ceases instantly.