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Flu Test Kit Spotlight – OSOM Influenza Testing

Flu Test Kit Spotlight – OSOM Influenza Testing

OSOM Influenza Testing gives quick and accurate results for influenza testing this 2010-2011 flu season.

As patients and medical professionals begin the long process of dealing with the 2010-2011 flu season, it’s important to have an accurate flu testing kit in order to quickly identify in patients whether or not they have the flu. This influenza season, get the best flu testing kit possible: OSOM Influenza A&B Test.

While there are many different influenza test kits to choose from, what makes OSOM arguably the best is the assurance that every result is not simply quick, but completely accurate.

While most flu testing kits come with a maximum of 25 test strips, OSOM comes with 27. Two extra test strips can be used for QC testing.

What is QC testing?

QC testing stands for “Quality Control,” and gives doctors and patients the complete satisfaction of knowing their OSOM flu testing kit is 100% accurate. Using two vials, one which contains an inactive substance and one which contains a partial rendering of the influenza virus, each can be used on the test strips to make sure that the results come out 100% accurate.

By using QC testing, every real test afterwards can be done with complete confidence that OSOM Influenza Testing is the best bet for determining whether or not you or a patient has the influenza virus.

With just a simple nasal swab and three distinct, easy to read lines, results of OSOM Influenza Test are available in only ten minutes or less. With only one minute of actual testing time and ten minutes or less to determine results of the test, OSOM ranks as one of the fastest, most reliable ways to check for the influenza virus.

OSOM Influenza Test detects both the A and B type of influenza virus, giving you immediate results to better prepare for the H1N1 virus.

This flu season don’t take any chances. Get the best flu testing kit available!

When you purchase the OSOM Influenza Test from Express Medical, get FOUR kits for the price of THREE!