Job Growth: Now is a Good Time to Be a PT or OT

Bring up the topic of healthcare jobs and most people think doctors and nurses. Those jobs are important for sure, but doctors and nurses are not the only medical professionals we rely on. They aren’t necessarily the most in-demand either. Data from a recent survey cited by Yahoo! Finance demonstrates as much.

According to that data, now is a good time to be a physical therapist (PT) or occupational therapist (OT). Both kinds of therapy jobs are among the fastest-growing in a number of states. Find one of those states and you’ll find getting a job isn’t as hard as it is elsewhere. Moreover, work in a state where therapists are in high demand and you will discover that your earning potential is greater.

Therapists Among the Top Five

Without getting into the finer details, the data cited by Yahoo! Finance is from a study that looked at all 50 states to determine which jobs are projected to pay the highest and experience the greatest growth from 2018 to 2023. It is somewhat surprising to learn what jobs made a list.

A quick calculation reveals the top five are, in no particular order: physical therapists, occupational therapy assistants, software developers, registered nurses, and physician assistants. Did you notice that just one job on the list is not related to healthcare? That should tell you something important. It should tell you that the healthcare sector is poised for impressive growth.

Occupational Therapy in California

Study data shows that an occupational therapy assistant is the fastest-growing high-wage job in California right now. The mean salary for assistants is more than $67,000. Job growth is expected to reach 29% through 2023. And unlike full-fledged occupational therapists, assistants can get to work after earning an associate degree.

Physical Therapy in Hawaii

If you have ever thought about practicing physical therapy in paradise, Hawaii might be the state for you. Hawaii ranks physical therapy as its fastest-growing high-wage job with a mean salary of more than $90,000. Job growth is expected to register somewhere around 12% through 2023.

The one downside to practicing in Hawaii is the cost of living. Due to its island nature, Hawaii is one of the most expensive states to live in. Perhaps that’s why PTs earn so much there. At any rate, jobs are waiting to be had. Imagine practicing in a place with average temperatures in the 70s and more than ample sunshine.

Therapists Have A Lot Of Choices

California and Hawaii are just two examples of states where demand for therapists and assistants is high. But look beyond demand to see some of the other choices. A good therapist has lots of career path options. Those interested in being their own bosses can open independent practices in big cities and small towns alike. Independent physical therapy is big business these days.

Not interested in running a private practice? Not a problem. Another option is to take a job at a local hospital or assisted-living facility. Healthcare facilities of all sizes need both physical and occupational therapists – and are willing to pay.

Finding a temporary Locum Tenens physical therapy job is another option, as is taking a job in sports medicine. There are even physical and occupational therapists who work for public schools, universities, and media conglomerates. The range of possibilities is almost endless.

You don’t have to be a doctor or nurse to find a good job in the medical field. Physical and occupational therapy offers plenty of opportunities as well. Indeed, now is a good time to be a PT or OT.