Ways You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Ways You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Everyone knows that high blood pressure is unhealthy. It also affects nearly one third of adults in the United States. Most people that have it are not even aware that they do have high blood pressure. If it has been a while since you have had it checked, make it a point to do it now.

It could save your life.

If you do have hypertension, there are some things that you can do to lower it. There are medications available that your doctor may subscribe that will help with this. The majority of medical treatments that are prescribed to help hypertension do have potential side-effects. However,in most cases, these side-effects are likely to be relatively mild and temporary but this fact is never a guaranteed given.

High blood pressure is also known by the medical profession as hypertension. It is also possible to suffer from a less serious form of the condition known as pre-hypertension as well.

For now, we are going to look at some natural ways to reduce your hypertension.

1. Exercise. Proper exercise is one way you can reduce your blood pressure. By exercising you keep your heart rate up and also keep your weight in check. Being overweight can cause high blood pressure. Even if you don’t like to exercise, at least do some walking. Swimming is also a great way to get your exercise.

2. Balanced Nutrition. By eating a balanced diet, you will help your hypertension. Look out for the amount of salt in canned and frozen foods as well as in processed foods. You can be adding more salt than you should.

3. Lower your stress levels with slow breathing exercises,Yoga, and meditation and even some classical music. Anything that will relax you will help.

4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Just by adding them to your daily routine you will be help.

5. Mix equal amounts of onion juice and pure honey and take 2 tablespoons daily to help combat hypertension. Make a batch that is enough for two or three days at a time and store in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.

Both smoking and drinking are bad for your blood pressure, with alcohol having the ability to raise blood pressure even in people who do not normally suffer from hypertension.

You need to limit your alcohol intake, with women and anyone over 65 taking no more than one drink a day. Healthy males are allowed no more than two a day. Also avoid smoking completely as well, as it damages blood vessel walls.

These are just a few,simple ways you can reduce it. By keeping it in check, you will feel better and live longer.

Almost 1 out of 3 adults in the United States suffer from High Blood Pressure,also known as Hypertension, and only 1 in 3 adults are actually aware that they have it! Find out if you do and then get busy lowering it!