Pussy Riot Slam Donald Trump in “Make America Great Again” Video

Pussy Riot launch a no-holds-barred assault on Donald Trump’s candidacy in their new video for “Make America Great Again.” “YOU decide elections,” the video’s captions reads, “and if we get together, we could blow this shit up, take action and reverse this erosion of rights. Because fuck it.”

The “Make America Great Again” clip imagines a world in which Trump wins the upcoming presidential election. In the video, America’s new leader relies on muscled thugs to enforce his values, often by branding people he doesn’t like with hot metal.

As Trump’s stormtroopers engage in various forms of torture, Pussy Riot sing a simple refrain: “Let other people in/ Listen to your women/ Stop killing black children/ Make America great again.”

The jaunty, carefree music contrasts with the brutal events depicted on screen.

The track came together with help from Ricky Reed, who has written and produced hits for Jason Derulo, Pitbull and 21 Pilots. Jonas Akerlund, who has helmed clips for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, directed the clip.

“Make America Great Again” is the third video that Pussy Riot released this week, following “Straight Outta Vagina” and “Organs.” Both those songs featured production from TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, with all three songs appearing on the band’s new EP, xxx, out Friday.

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