Crowd Attacks Florida Cop During Arrest


A crowd of people in Melbourne, Florida had enough. During an arrest recently, passersby circled an officer trying to make an arrest, and began fighting him off.

The arrest of Phoenix Low, 22, took place last Saturday over a minor “ordinance violation.” The idea of arresting Low seemed so ridiculous to the people who witnessed it, that many of them jumped in to fight the cop off of him.

At this point Low fled, but the officer caught back up with him. That’s when a somewhat large “crowd surrounded the officer and began to interfere with attempts to arrest Low by yelling, striking and pulling at the officer and the prisoner.”

The arresting officer said he used “less-lethal force” on the crowd, which could mean anything from pepper spray, to a Taser, to a baton or a combination of these. 

At that point, Low was said to have broken free again.

He was later charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting with violence, resisting without violence and open container of alcohol… That’s right, all of this was over him having an open container of alcohol.

Police in Melbourne say that this is the second time a crowd has tried to stop an arrest in the past two weeks.

(Article by Jackson Marciana; image used for illustrative purposes)

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